Sunday, March 1, 2015

Track news for the week of March 1

Practice this week: 5:00-6:05ish at College Park

It's our last week of winter daylight, so we'll go as long as possible on the track this week. Expect practices to wind up a bit after 6:00pm both days, weather willing.

Safety reminder for hill-climbers and fence-jumpers

All athletes need to stay off the hillsides at College Park, and should not be climbing over or through any of the fences, especially taking the not-really-a-shortcut over the back corner of the parking lot fence. It's not a gate, and yes, we can see you.

This is wildly unsafe, don't do it. It's a sure way to get our practice permit revoked, too.

Stay on the paved path to walk all the way to get to and from the parking lot stairs. It's not that far, honest.

Cross-country signups are in the fall, and that's the perfect sport for running up and down hills.

Lost & Found

Our perfect record is ruined! Three water bottles left behind last week, and a few articles of unmarked clothing that the athlete luckily remembered to come back for.

Please label everything. Unlabeled items rarely make it back to their owners, and get donated to Goodwill after spending the season on my front porch.

Practice change next week

We move to Daylight Savings next Sunday, which is good news for sun-lovers and bad news for sleep-lovers. It also marks the annual clash of the lacrosse games and track practices. So, for half the week, we're going to relocate.

On Tuesdays starting March 10: we will meet at Pleasant Hill Middle School. We'll be going old school on the dirt track that's on your right as you come into the parking lot.

Starting March 10, every Tuesday practice will be at Pleasant Hill Middle until further notice.

On Thursdays, we will practice at College Park.

We will still meet at College Park for both of this week's practices, March 3rd & 5th.

I'll try to remind you a dozen more times between now and then.

Coaches meeting after practice March 10

As if the day wasn't complicated enough, the coaches and I have our certification meeting right after that practice at Pleasant Hill Middle.

We surely don't want to miss a second of it, so please be on time or even a bit early to pick up your athletes that day. (And at the right place, too.)

March meet schedule

The league posted schedules for practice meets 1-3. I've put up a copy on the team site:

The short version:
  • Saturday, March 7: Ygnacio Valley's "War Path" invitational. Uniforms not required: regular running clothes are fine
  • Sunday, March 8: Spring forward to Daylight Savings
  • Monday, March 9: Volunteer training at Ygnacio Valley High in Concord, 6pm-7pm (optional)
  • Sunday March 15: practice meet #1 at Granada High in Livermore
  • Saturday March 21: practice meet #2 at Ygnacio Valley High in Concord
  • Saturday March 28: practice meet #3 at Ygnacio Valley High in Concord
  • Thursday April 2 - April 5 is our Easter break, and we have no activities
The Sunday meet is a rare beast, but it looks like every team is running at least one of these this season.

By CYO rules, Sunday meets may start no earlier than noon. Our two Saturday meets at YVH will start at 9:30am, due to a neighborhood noise rule that frowns on early-morning pistol- and PA-usage. Go figure!

Times for setup, first shift, and the meet start are on the team schedule page.

Volunteer time: got changes?

Obviously I did not predict the change in meet days at signups, so if the 15th is a bad day for you to volunteer, or is suddenly a good day, now is the time to let Gina our volunteer coordinator know.

Otherwise we will assume that the shifts you signed up for are still your preference. We have to work with all the other teams who also must provide volunteers to the meet. It's quite a production, so the sooner we know, the less drama for everyone.


They may get delivered to my house as soon as this week. Look for them to be distributed at future practices.

Refunds are 50% now through March 14

Hopefully, track is working out for your family, but if not, you can still withdraw with a 50% fees refund if you alert me in an email by the 14th.

Once you have picked up the uniform/sweatshirt, they are yours to keep, regardless of your future with the program.

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