Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bonus track news: War Path meet at YVH, March 7

Hi all -- a bonus newsletter as we approach our first team event of the season, the Ygnacio Valley "War Path Invitational"

Here's the flyer for the event:

If you're not already committed to baseball opening day or other morning activities, please come out and give it a try.

Adults: there are no volunteer jobs at this meet. You have my blessing to lounge in the bleachers.

Remember to bring:
  • Cash for gate admission ($2 per spectator) and some extra in case there's a snack table
  • Appropriate weather protection: sun hats and/or jackets, sunblock, sunglasses
  • Something soft to sit on, like a stadium cushion or old blanket
  • Optionally: a cooler of healthy snacks like fruit, yogurt tubes, pretzels: nothing too heavy
If you plan to bring a pop-up tent or umbrella for shade, please set up in the back row of the bleachers so you don't block anyone's view. Pack bungee cords or tie-downs, as Ygnacio Valley can be windy, especially in the morning.

There is no smoking or alcohol permitted at this or any CYO event.
Athletes should:
  • Have a good breakfast
  • Wear sunscreen and running shoes
  • Be on time to warm-up with the team
  • Be willing to try events and have fun
We want to get the team together on the basketball court no later than 8:45am.  The courts are between the stadium and the school. Coaches will warm the team up and get a head count. I plan to be there around 8:30 or a bit before.

The team is paying admission for our coaches and registered athletes.

Find a seat when the gate opens, and we'll bring the team in when we're warmed up. They'll find you in the stands.

New to track meets?

Don't worry: meets are pretty predictable, even if they don't look it.

Field events start when the meet begins. There will be announcements over a PA system or bullhorn calling different age groups down to participate. Events at this meet are:

High Jump
Long Jump
Shot Put

In CYO, we limit shot put and high jump to 5th graders and older, for safety.

Athletes check in at the event when their age group is called, provided they're not already lined up for a race (or are on the track!) High jump and long jump will be visible from the stands, but the shot put ring is tucked out of the way outside the main stadium fence.

Running events follow an order, usually done from youngest athletes to oldest.

These stage (line up) on the field. Last year there were hurdles with signs attached per age group. The same PA or bullhorn should be used for calls for these events.

The event order is:
  1. 1600m  (4 laps, "the mile")
  2. 4x100 Relay   (every runner carries the baton 1/4 of a lap)
  3. 400m   (1 lap)
  4. 100m   (a short dash along the straight)
  5. 800m   (2 laps = 1/2 mile)
  6. 200m   (1/2 lap)
  7. 4x400m Relay  (every runner carries the baton 1 full lap)
This is a shorter form of the order we use at CYO meets. (PDF)

A key tip: if an athlete is waiting at a field event when their desired race is called, they should leave the field event to go run.

Running events determine the pace of the meet, and won't stop if an athlete is busy at long jump or in the bathroom. Paying attention to the calls is a track meet survival skill. If you miss your call, you miss the race. Oops!

Which event?

That's pretty much up to the athletes and their coaches. This week is a little looser, just to get everyone to see how it all fits together. Unless the coaches have something specific in mind, I'd encourage a go ahead and try it attitude. Cross country athletes especially should not be scared of the distance events.

Everything will look a little rough this weekend. That's OK. Think of this as a practice, not the Olympic tryouts.

Uniforms update

They are due to arrive at my house this week. I plan to bring at least the uniform shirts with me to hand out on Saturday.

If you're at the meet, come find me during down time between your events to pick up your shirt. If you aren't there: no big deal, we'll have them at practice next week. I don't plan to bring the sweatshirts to YVH, but they will show up at practice, too.

You do not need a uniform for this Saturday's event. Practice clothes are fine, or even old uniforms if you feel nostalgic.

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