Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Return of Quick Updates

Hi again folks, sorry for all the excess email this week. Lots to get sorted out before our first meet!

Thursday practice at College Park, 5:00-6:30pm

Remember that we're back at College Park this Thursday and for future Thursdays.

All practices are now 5:00pm-6:30pm thanks to this weekend's move to Daylight Sleepy Time.

College Park is holding their 8th grade open house starting at 6:30pm so please be extra careful and patient in the parking lot at pickup.

Uniform Pickups at Practice

Eva Coward is planning to hand out the remaining pre-ordered uniforms and sweatshirts during practice tomorrow, likely from the back of her vehicle in the parking lot.

She has a list of your original order, you just need to remember your athlete's name.

Track Shoe Amnesty Program/Lending Library

If your athlete has a pair of track shoes (spikes) that still have life left in them, the team is happy to accept them as a donation to be loaned out to other athletes.

I also have a small collection of donated shoes that are eager to be adopted by athletes, provided they fit. Sizes and styles are not guaranteed, but I'll have a small bin with me at next practice.

Track shoes are not required by the team. You'll get to buy them for high school, don't worry.

Meet #1 on Sunday, March 15 - Granada High School, Livermore
  • Setup: 11:00am
  • First shift starts: 11:30am (so arrive a little earlier to sign in)
  • Meet starts: 12:00pm 
Granada High is on Wall St. in Livermore, off Stanley Blvd.

Google maps:

I usually take 580 to 84, to Stanley, to Wall. It's pretty easy to find.

Volunteer assignments:

All volunteers must sign in to get credit for working. You'll get a fashionable sticker to wear, too.

Athletes check in with coaches to get their own sticker. Event sign-in is done that day, when the events are called. Listen to the calls!

Order of events reference card:

How a meet works (read to cure insomnia!):

No food or drink on the track or field: only plain water. Snacks in the stands are fine, but contain and dispose of your litter.

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