Friday, March 27, 2015

Reminder: Meet #3 tomorrow 3/28 at Ygnacio Valley High

Hello everyone:

Our last meet before Easter break is upon us: we're back at Ygnacio Valley High again this week for meet #3.
  • Setup: 8:30am (quietly)
  • First shift: 9:00am
  • Meet starts: 9:30am
Only the setup crew is allowed on the field before 9:00am, due to neighborhood rules. Please wait patiently in your vehicles or on the basketball courts next to the school for the gates to open at 9:00am.

Due to technical shenanigans, we just got the full volunteer list posted now:

Sorry about the delays. Things will be smoother for the next meet!

If you're a first shift volunteer, you can save yourself some stress by locating Gina during that pre-9:00 wait time and get signed in. We have some gaps on the schedule, too, and we always appreciate families who can step in and help out.

Looks like a warm day tomorrow, please make sure you and your athletes are protected from the weather, and have lots of water. See you on the track!

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