Monday, March 9, 2015

Quick Updates

Really brief, I swear:

Practice at Pleasant Hill Middle on Tuesday, 5:00-6:30pm

Here's the map:

If you forget, please enjoy the lacrosse game at College Park!

Please be on time or a little early to pickup so the coaches and I can make it to our mandatory certification meeting.

Uniform pickup at practice

About half the team still needs their uniform shirts, and anyone who ordered a sweatshirt can pick them up at practice this week from Eva Coward. She's planning to distribute from the parking lot and has a checklist of what everyone should be picking up.

The shirts look like they are running a little big. If they are comically huge, we can try to swap unworn shirts from our very limited extras. Our top priority is to get uniforms to athletes and to our late signups first.

Meet #1 volunteer list is up

It's online from our team web site:

Direct link:

Gina's reminder elves should be contacting you this week as a friendly nudge. Please check the schedule anyway. Running a meet is a big production, and we need the help.

Meet training tonight, 6-7pm at Ygnacio Valley High

If you want to look like an expert on Sunday, consider coming to the meet officiating training at Ygnacio Valley High, planned and run by coach George Francis, the YVH head coach and St. Francis CYO coordinator.

If you were at the meet on Saturday, you heard coach George's melodious voice over the PA.

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