Sunday, February 22, 2015

Track news for the week of February 22

Practice this week, 5:00-6:00pm

We'll practice from 5:00 until 6:00pm this week. High school sports are starting up, so don't cross the track or field areas when you arrive. Please resist the urge to climb or jump hurdles, fences, bleachers, or each other while you wait for announcements. Our first aid kit is not that good.

Check @ctktrack on Twitter or the front page of the web site by 4pm on practice days if the forecast looks ominous.

The Golden (Track) Rule

The number one rule in CYO is the Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated.

This means being quiet during announcements, listening to the coaches during practice, and respecting all your teammates. Our practice groups are large, and track is very social, but there's never a good time to tease or belittle anyone else.

CYO publishes a code of conduct (PDF) that everyone is expected to read and follow. You can add "teammates" anywhere that you see the word "opponents."

Athletes: if you're having problems during practice, please tell your coach as it happens. They're in the best position to correct it, and to let me know the names of who was involved.

Anyone who finds that they cannot follow the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the team, with their fees forfeited. That would be unfortunate, so please be kind.

Parent Meeting, Wednesday 6:30pm, CTK School Room 222

New families and forgetful returning families are encouraged to send an adult to the parent information meeting this coming Wednesday at Christ the King School in Pleasant Hill. Room 222 is the middle classroom on the right as you come down the driveway from the Gregory Lane parking lot, where we held signups.

I'll warn you now: it's me, droning on about meets and events, schedules and volunteering, awards, shoes, CYO philosophy, and fielding "stump Mr. Coordinator" questions from the room. Athletes may attend if they have no other options, but bring something quiet or homework-ish to amuse them.

League schedule soon

The first few meets of the season are getting scheduled now: when the powers-that-be let me know, I'll post them on our site.

There's a possibility that some meets may fall on Sunday afternoons. This is allowed by CYO, but not typically done in our section. Facility scheduling is forcing the league's hand here. Being in track means your flexibility and sense of humor gets a workout. Stay tuned!

Shoes & Uniforms

Is your athlete in a good pair of running shoes? No? Get their feet to Fleet Feet in Pleasant Hill, Athletic Outpost in Walnut Creek, or Road Runner in Concord and into a pair of running shoes. Athletes put a lot of distance on them at practices and meets. Track shoes ("spikes") are not necessary or required.

We don't have an official team uniform short or pant. If your athlete can still fit into one of their many pairs of leftover soccer shorts, those are fine. On cold meet mornings, a warm layer of running pants and a jacket or sweats should fit over everything. The shirt is the important piece.

I've placed the order with the printer, and pulled out the remaining sweatshirts from previous seasons. Once everything comes in, I'll send an announcement around.

Lost and Found

None yet! Unbelievable!

If your athlete is missing something, then it either didn't get left at practice, or was well-hidden.

Volunteer Training: March 9, 6:00pm-7:00pm at YVH

Something new this year: coach George Francis at Ygnacio Valley High is holding "Meet Officiating Training for Parent Volunteers" at the YVH track in two weeks.

In his words: "We will walk the track and visit each event, and present what you need to know for officiating each event." This sounds fantastic, as some of the events can be a little esoteric to run. It took me a few years to wrap my brain around how to score high jump.


Make sure these appear on your calendar somewhere:
  • Wednesday Feb 25: Family Meeting at CTK, 6:30pm (6:00pm for late signups)
  • Saturday March 7: War Path Invitational meet at Ygnacio Valley High, 9:00am
  • Monday March 9: Officiating training, 6:00pm at Ygnacio Valley High
  • Saturday March 14 or Sunday March 15: CYO meet #1, location and date TBA
Your first volunteer opportunity is CYO meet #1: make sure to email Gina to get scheduled if you know your weekend availability. If a shifting meet date disrupts your plans to help, let her know that, too.

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