Saturday, March 14, 2015

Meet #1 Sunday March 15, Granada High, Livermore

Hello families, just a recap for tomorrow:

Times: earlier is better
  • Setup starts: 11:00am
  • First shift starts: 11:30am
  • Meet starts: 12:00pm
If you are working the first shift, expect a line at sign in. Arriving earlier at a track meet is always better than arriving late.

Volunteers must check in with their parish to get a sticker and credit.

Gina Marks is the CTK/SC/SS check-in person this week, and is planning to do sign-ins by the snack shack: it's a cinder-block building on your right as you come through the main gate into the stadium.

The volunteer assignments are fixed, so if you're not in place when your shift begins, then we will need to find someone else to work it and earn credit instead.


Check in with coaches at arrival to get a numbered sticker. This high-tech mailing label needs to be worn in a visible place all day to register for events and have times and distances correctly matched up.

If an athlete is dressed in layers -- recommended! -- then put the sticker on their uniform, or whatever they plan to run in.

Remember to bring water -- just water -- in a bottle labeled with your name on it. Keep your stuff together, and take it home at the end of the day!


Athletes choose the events at the meet, with guidance from coaches. Sign-ins are done at the field event, and race sign-ins are on the field. There will be big signs set up for each grade on the field. Look for volunteers bearing clipboards.

This week, the boys will run their 50m and 100m races on the "away" side of the track, opposite the finish-line side. When that race is called, boys will need to report across the field to the special "middle shift" clerks.

Girls will run their 50m/100m simultaneously down the "home" side, and check in at the usual place. (Next week we'll switch.)

The order of events is on this printable card and below:

50m – grades 2-5 only 

Sprint medley relay 
4x400m relay

Field events all open at once:
Long jump
Softball throw
High jump –
grades 5-8 only
Shot put – grades 5-8 only


You don't have yours yet? Don't panic: Eva Coward is planning to distribute at least the team shirts at the meet. Sweatshirts depend on available space in Eva's vehicle and may not be there on Sunday.

Granada High

Granada High is on Wall St. in Livermore, off Stanley Blvd.

Google maps:

Livermore has weather all its own. Wind is usually our biggest challenge, so plan accordingly for dressing yourself and athletes.

If you are packing a pop-up tent or umbrella, set up in the top row of the stands so you don't block other's views or the announcer booth. There are some grassy areas outside the track, too. Remember the tie-downs: you'll likely need them.

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