Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meet #2 Reminder: Saturday at Ygnacio Valley High

Hi all -- just a reminder that our second practice meet of the season is this Saturday morning at Ygnacio Valley High in Concord.

Times and Check-In

Neighborhood noise rules allow us to open the track gate at 9:00am. If you arrive early and are not on the assigned setup crew, please wait patiently on the basketball courts or in your car until 9:00am. (There's coffee right around the corner in the shopping plaza.)
  • Setup crew only: 8:30am on the field
  • First shift: 9:00am once gates open
  • First event: 9:30am
Gina is going to be our team sign-in person again this week. She should be on the blacktop if you want to get checked in before the meet opens. Once the stampede begins, look for her around the finish line tents at the start of the meet and during the shift changes.

Athletes should report to coaches on arrival to get their stickers. Our spiffy new shirts seem to resist the sticker glue, but try to keep them attached as best you can. That's how the results are recorded and tracked, so a dangling or missing sticker means trouble for the volunteers!

Meet Events

Same as meet #1, print this handy card to remind you. This week, girls will run their 50m and 100m down the "away" side of the track, provided we have volunteers to cover it.

Splitting up this event helps the meet wrap up faster. If you're not working a job, feel free to come around to the opposite stands near the end of the boys' 400m and cheer the girls on. It's lonely back there!

Meet Rules

A refresher for everyone:

Signed-in volunteers and athletes ONLY on the field and at events

Only checked-in volunteers and coaches/officials with their badges are allowed "in" the meet. Everyone else is officially considered In The Way and will be asked kindly-yet-firmly to sit down in the stands.

If your athlete flakes out and misses their event, then it's a Life Lesson, and we'll encourage them to run another one instead. They should be getting the hang of it by now, and the coaches are there to remind them. They have to practice independence, too, since they aren't allowed escorts in the championship meets.

Families who have trouble remembering this rule will find their athletes disqualified from the meet and stricken from the meet results. Don't risk it! Please, stay in the stands.

No food or drink on the track or turf, only water

I depend on my morning iced coffee, but I can't enjoy it on the field. Alas!

A few of our coaches noticed adults eating on the field at Granada last week. Please set a good example for the kids, and keep the facility clean by eating in the stands or outside the track fences.

This is a rule at every facility we run at: food and drinks ruin the very expensive turf and track surfaces.

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