Sunday, March 4, 2012

Track News for March 4, 2012

Hello track families, here's your news for the week:

* Practices

Checking the forecast looks like we're back to "track weather": sunny days interrupted by menacing clouds, rain, and cool temperatures. Shockingly, some of the athletes believe that this is the perfect time of year to wear t-shirts and shorts, no matter what the thermometer says. It's not. Long pants and sweatshirts are perfectly appropriate and encouraged, especially at College Park when the evening breeze comes blowing down over the hillsides. If you need a way to motivate your reluctant athlete, please have them take a look at how the high school athletes are dressed when they arrive at practice. If running pants are good enough for the high school, then they're good enough for us, too.

Anything worn to practice should have a name on it so it can be reunited with your family afterward. Just because it comes to practice doesn't mean it will make it home.

* Uniforms

Pre-ordered shirts and sweatshirts are in the hands of our highly-skilled sorting team: expect their appearance at practice very soon. I was sure to order some extra sweatshirts if your athlete had a change of heart or has $30 burning a hole in their pocket.

Note that any drops that take place after uniforms are handed out will have the relevant charges deducted: once that shirt or sweatshirt is in your athlete's hands, it's theirs.

* Mini-Meet

Our first meet is this Saturday, March 10th. Setup crews arrive at noon, everybody else shows up at 12:30, and the first event begins at 1:00. As in years past, we have invited other parishes to come and run with us. It's a lot of fun.

We do not award ribbons at this meet since it's not an official league-run operation, but we do record times and distances. Since this is a parent's practice meet (shhh, don't tell the athletes), we complete as many events as possible, but generally stop before the final two relays. This is the only meet this season with a guaranteed stop time!

If you're brand new this year, or just need a refresher, you can go through the "How a Meet Works" page on the web site:

Read the "Meet Tips" page, too:

For an overview of every volunteer job at the meet, see this page:

It seems like a lot, but you'll catch on quickly.

Please remember that meets are for the enjoyment of the athletes, and not for the spectators. Everyone competing is someone's child, grandchild, niece or nephew. This is an excellent time to remember and use the Golden Rule.

The College Park team is planning to run a Snack Shack at the meet. Please remember that food and drinks must be eaten in the stands. The only thing allowed on the track and turf areas is plain water. You may bring coolers of snacks from home, but no alcohol is permitted at all. Please be kind and pick up your litter afterwards, and an extra piece or two besides.

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