Sunday, March 25, 2012

Track News for March 25, 2012

* Meet #2

Despite our best guesses, the weather held out after all. In hindsight, I'm disappointed that we didn't hold the meet, but honestly, if I saw another day where the weather forecast looked as bad as it was on Saturday morning, I'd be very skeptical about getting everyone out onto the track. Last year we got rained out of a meet on what was supposed to be only a cloudy day, so it is always an imperfect science. I appreciate your patience as we navigate the surprises of spring!

* Results

I've managed to stumble over a problem with the website which was muddling up our results, but I've now finally uploaded both the mini-meet and meet #1 results online.


Meet #1:

You may see doubled relay results for a little while as the folks sort out the upload problem.

If you notice that your athlete is missing a result, or that I have a name spelled wrong, or some other issue, please let me know and I can track down the issue.

* Practice

Ribbons from our first meet were handed out this past Thursday at the end of practice: if your athlete is due a ribbon, they can pick it up from their coach.

We will be starting to hand out "Personal Best" ribbons as soon as they are ready. Remember that athletes earn these by setting a faster time or throwing or jumping a greater distance than the last time they competed in an event. Returning athletes earn personal bests against their previous seasons' records. Rookie athletes will be eligible to start earning these after the next meet.

* Lost and Found

Our lost and found runneth over! There are now so many items that it's beginning to overflow the box on my porch. Please look over the list and let me know if one of those things belongs to your athlete.

There are also a couple of items that our athletes are missing, and that I do not have. Please check through your belongings and make sure that they didn't come home with you by accident.

* Easter

Easter is coming up, and by CYO rules, we take a break. Be sure to check the schedule page on the web site to see when we do (and don't) have practice. We may not hold practice on Hold Thursday or any CYO activities over Easter weekend.

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