Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mini-meet: Are you super-helpful?

Hello again families,

So far, it looks like the weather will hold for the mini-meet on Saturday. I know a few of you have other commitments -- baseball opening day, the CTK auction, etc. -- but I hope you're able to make it. If you are *not* going to attend for some reason, and you have signed up for a volunteer shift, please let Katy Simpson know *immediately.* Otherwise, your name will appear on the signup sheet at the meet, and we will assume that you have flaked out on us. Not a good start to the season!

Katy's contact details and a link to the volunteer assignments can be found on the team web site:

Also, you may notice that there are (still!) gaps in the schedule. This is where the Super-Helpful Family Program comes in.

We have asked that everyone work six total shifts over the course of the regular season: one this Saturday, and five more beyond. If you are willing to do more, however, and sign up for an extra shift here and there, you will be entered into our end-of-season Super-Helpful Family Super-Awesome Super Drawing. (I hear it's super.) Each additional shift that you work beyond your minimum will earn you one entry in the drawing, which we hold at the picnic -- need not be present to win. If you work three extra times, for example, then you're entered into the drawing three times. Prizes include gift certificates to restaurants, movies, and other local businesses (maybe shoes for next year?) plus the adulation and envy of your fellow track families.

The conditions are:

- Open to adults in CTK/SC/SS families only, not coaches or (sadly) the team coordinator
- You must sign in at the meet at either the volunteer table or with me: don't just show up at a job
- If you work a double shift when you only were supposed to work one -- it happens -- then sign in for that second shift, or we won't know about it

We truly depend on adult volunteers to conduct the meets, and I speak from experience when I say that working a meet job will make the day go *much* faster.

Thanks again everyone: see you at practice, and weather-willing, at the mini meet.

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