Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Uniforms and sweatshirts

Those of you who braved the chill winds of practice tonight saw our crack team of uniform sorters taking names and digging through boxes to hand you the pre-ordered shirts and sweatshirts. Just a couple of quick notes: * It was *freezing* tonight at College Park. Those sweatshirts sure are toasty! Athletes: if someone bought you a sweatshirt, please be nice and wear it. You'll keep your muscles warm and look awesome at the same time. * Why is my athlete's shirt red/blue/yellow? Because we're made up of three different parishes, that's why. We all practice together and run meets together, and except for the Qualifying meet and beyond, parish affiliation really doesn't matter. Coaches will usually try to form relay teams from within a parish, but it's perfectly normal to see a team of "St. Hodgepodge" running at a meet. Athletes only need to wear the t-shirts to meets, though they're welcome to wear it to practice... under something warm (see above.) * Wrong size? Want an extra? We're happy to oblige you. Once we're able to get all the pre-ordered uniforms and sweats passed out, I'll take stock of the leftovers. Adults: you can speed this process along by making sure to stop by the table on the way to practice on Thursday. You may swap a *new, unworn, unwashed* t-shirt for another size if I have one to trade. There are more spares in the CTK (red) shirts than the others, but I did order a little bit extra. And parents, siblings, and family are all welcome to buy & wear the fantastic hoodies. Thanks all, and stay warm!

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