Sunday, February 26, 2012

Track News for Feb 26, 2012

Hello track families, here's your news of the week.

* Adds/Drops

Final day to drop from the team with a full refund is this Wednesday, February 29. I need to get our roster to the league so they can start assigning meet locations to the teams. If your athlete isn't feeling the love, or if they have a friend/classmate/neighbor who would like to join, please try to handle this before Wednesday.

If you're leaving the team, please let me know at once so I can remove you from the volunteer sheets and issue a refund. Don't just disappear.

* Uniforms

The team t-shirts and sweatshirts are in! And by "in" I mean "in a huge stack of boxes at my house." They will be distributed at practice once they are all sorted out.

While you wait, please invest in a laundry marker so you can write your athlete's name in a findable place on the sweatshirt. Past experience tells me that a few will be left behind on the very day they are handed out.

* Lost and Found

We're averaging 2-3 new additions to the team Lost & Found per practice. I've left some of the older unclaimed items at home to make room for the new finds. Everything will make their appearance at the team picnic. If you see something you recognize on the list, send me an email and I'll bring it to practice just for you.

* Practices

The College Park track team is starting their practice season, and is using the track area and equipment before our practice starts. Very often College Park has hurdles set up. None of our athletes should be running in lanes with a hurdle, or should attempt to jump them. They'll get their chance in high school. If you must cross the track, do it quickly, and only when it is safe.

Starting this week, various soccer clubs may also practicing on the field area at the same time that we're running. This is a good time to remind your athletes about the importance of listening to their coaches and not wandering away from their practice groups. Please make sure that they know to pay attention and to keep an eye out for stray soccer balls from the infield area that might roll onto the track.

We are scheduled to start high jump practice this week: if there are parents or older athletes that are willing to hang around at the very end of practice and help us put the jump bags back into the shed, we would greatly appreciate it. There's a system to it, and helping hands make the job easier.

* Field Clinic #2

Barring any last-second schedule surprises, our second field clinic is scheduled for today, from 1:30pm-3:30pm. We will set up around 1:00pm, and gather around the base of the goalpost on the north side of the field near the long jump pits. All athletes are welcome to attend, and parents can stay and help, too, especially with softball throw. I hope to practice all of our field events:
  • Long jump (all ages)
  • Softball throw (all ages)
  • High jump (grades 5 and up only)
  • Shot put (grades 5 and up only)
At the first clinic, we also had some relay practice and conditioning drills. This is a very informal practice, and we'd like athletes to sample everything that they're eligible to try.

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