Sunday, March 16, 2014

Track news for the week of March 16

Meet #1 all done: thank you!

Our first official CYO meet of the season is complete! Track meets are complex, with a lot of moving parts. Thanks to all the volunteers who who got promoted into new and unexpected jobs last-minute, to the coaches for all their time and experience, and especially to the athletes, who are the reason we were all there. It was a lot of fun.

When results are available, I'll post a link to them from our schedule page.

I'll also get them posted on

Ribbons will come from the league in a few days, and returning athletes will earn a personal best award if they beat their marks from a previous season. All the rewards will appear at an upcoming practice when they're ready.

Lost and Found

I can barely face it. Dozens of things were left behind on Saturday. I'm planning to catalog the pile and put it on the web site today. It's staggering.

Please make sure you label all your athlete's belongings with their name, because stuff can and will get left behind. Last season I found unmatched track shoes after meets. Who leaves a single shoe behind? Children, that's who. Label everything!

Uniforms are in

If you did not see the Crossmans at the meet on Saturday, they were doing some brisk business up in the stands, handing out our uniforms. I'm not sure how many are unclaimed, but look for them to appear this week at practice if you did not pick up your order.

Unworn, unwashed shirts may be exchanged for another size if we have one available for your athlete's parish. Once worn or washed, the shirts are yours to keep.

Extra sweatshirts will also available for sale for $30. Great for keeping warm at the start of the meet, and fashionable for parents and athletes alike.

Practices this week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

To work around lacrosse, we have a bonus practice scheduled this Wednesday. Same time and place, with one extra day on the track to work on field events and relays.
  • Tuesday: Meet on the blacktop by 5:00pm for dismissal into groups due to lacrosse game
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Meet in the stands at the track by 5:00pm
I am planning to bring the Big Bin of Gently Used Track Shoes to the later practices this week. If you have an older athlete -- or a responsible younger one with large feet --  they are welcome to a pair of "real" track shoes, provided their coach says it's OK. They won't need them at practice, which is why all these pairs are gently-used.

I also have extra spikes and wrenches if you need to swap out wrong or worn spikes, or have loose or or are missing any. Spikes come in many shapes and styles. At all CYO events, only pyramid-style spikes are allowed, 1/4" or shorter. I'm happy to help to identify them at practice if you're not sure what you have.

Meet #2 on Saturday March 22 at DVC

It's deja vu all over again...

Our second meet of the season will be back at DVC this Saturday. All times are the same:
  • Setup crew starts work at 8am
  • Athletes check in with coaches by 8:30am
  • First shift starts working at 8:30am
  • First event starts at 9:00am
We'll be running against different teams from the league this week. The usual request about being courteous and friendly applies, as well as being on time and in place for your volunteer shifts!

Rent-A-Student from College Park

To support their high school teams, Ygnacio Valley has run a "Rent-a-Student" program for a few years. Under this program, CYO families can hire a high school student to work their shift for them, in exchange for a $25-per-shift fee.

I'm happy to announce that College Park plans to offer students-for-hire at this Saturday's meet at DVC.

To take advantage of this you must:
  1. Inform Gina Marks that you plan to hire a student no later than Wednesday
  2. Get payment to me no later than end of practice on Thursday. The rate is $25 per shift.
Gina's email address is on the Volunteers page on the web site:
I hang out in the bleachers at practice, or on the blacktop when lacrosse games are going.

Please put your payment in an envelope with your name and the meet date (March 22) on the outside. You may pay the exact amount in cash or a check to CTK CYO Track.

Reservations are first-come, first-served, and preference will be given to families already scheduled to work this weekend. A limited number of athletes will be available, so please notify Gina right away. You will get credit for every shift reserved and paid for.

The number of high school helpers is at College Park's discretion. Hiring a student is optional, but it must be done in advance. No extra athletes will be available on meet day. The $25 fee should be considered a donation, and is not deducted from your deposit, but I will write a single check to College Park from our team, which will be received with gratitude.

Future Meets

Based on the official league schedule, we will have our third meet at Ygnacio Valley High in Concord. Coming up in two weeks is my personal favorite -- the Mary Chatterton Memorial Relay Meet. I'll have more about that in next week's newsletter.

Unofficially, we should also plan to be at YVH on April 5th and 12th. Easter is the weekend after that, and we don't hold any CYO activities that weekend.

That's enough for now: see you at practice!

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