Friday, March 28, 2014

Relay meet status: the waiting game...

My hope of the storms arriving today didn't come true, so now we move into contingency mode. The forecast right now isn't looking optimistic as I type this, but I'm not surrendering yet.
I'll be up early to check the forecast, and will be out at YVH by 8am to check in person.

Please check Twitter or the team web site for status updates.

We're @ctktrack on Twitter, and messages show up on the main page of

There's three ways this can go:

Hold the meet
If these rains somehow blow through tonight, we'll hold the meet. Even if it's a little drizzly, we'll run. I promise that the athletes will not melt, and that they will remember running in the wet for years to come. Parents and coaches will remember it too, for different reasons...

Delay the start

If the tail end of the storm is passing, we can start an hour or two later. I know this means that your carefully-laid plans for Saturday may be upended, and that volunteer shifts will be confused. We'll be grateful for your help and patience.

Cancel the meet

Not my preferred option, of course. If this happens, families that are scheduled to work or have planned for a student helper will not have it counted against them. I have not yet cashed the student hire checks, and we can decide what to do with them next week (shred, return, or apply to a future YVH meet.)

* * *
No matter what happens, this storm is supposed to bring cooler temperatures behind it. If we're running at all tomorrow, all the coaches expect to see their athletes in warm clothes. Sweatshirts or jackets, track pants or sweat pants! Our uniforms are colorful, but not very warm -- we would rather you be warm.
Check the site tomorrow morning for updates.

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