Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mary Chatterton Relay Meet information

About the Mary Chatterton Relay Meet

Our meet this week is a special relay-only meet. We'll run the following events:
  • 4x100m - everyone runs 1/4 lap, just like a regular meet
  • Medley - double the distance of our usual medley, the legs are 200m, 200m, 400m, and 800m
  • 4x200m - everyone runs 1/2 lap
  • 4x400m - everyone runs 1 lap, just like a regular meet
Like a typical meet, we go through the girls' grades youngest to oldest, then the boys' grades.
I like this meet both for its simplicity, and because we form teams out of any idle-looking athletes, including across parishes. These hybrid teams are my favorite ones to watch. St. Mix-and-Match and Our Lady of Hodgepodge will be well-represented this Saturday.

This week, we will have a big, red "Free Agent" sign on the field for athletes without a relay team. Anyone waiting there may be added to a team that's a person short, or may become part of an improvised team. A volunteer or I will be stationed there to help out.

All coaches are encouraged to make liberal use of the Free Agent section when assembling teams. The point of this meet is participation and sportsmanship, no matter what shirt an athlete happens to be wearing. The more teams we can form, the more fun everyone has in the end.

Coaches: there will extra relay cards at the finish line tables. Use a 4x100 card for the 4x200 event.
A girls team may only contain girls, so co-ed teams run as boys. The highest grade on a relay team determines the overall grade of the team.

Start times at Ygnacio Valley High

Neighborhood rules limit use of our PA system until after 9am, so we shift our start times to be accommodating:
  • Setup crew will start work at 8:30am
  • First shift volunteers start at 9:00am
  • First event starts at 9:30am
Athletes may warm up prior to 9am, but it must be done quietly. No shouting or whistles until 9 o'clock. Warm-up laps and stretching before then are fine.


Rain looks like it's blowing in this week. Always check the front page of the team web site or the @ctktrack Twitter account for weather updates. If necessary, we can rain-delay the start of the meet, but I hope we'll have a nice day.

Clearing the field

Relays are complex to stage since we have four times the number of athletes to manage on the field. Teams should be on the field only when their event is called, and extra volunteers and coaches without a team need to stay clear of the sign-in area.

It is the responsibility of each team to get their relay cards to the clerk, and to stay in the staging area once signed in. Don't wander off to practice handoffs or use the restroom.

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