Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Meet #1 assignments and future Wednesday practices

As threatened, the job assignments for this Saturday's meet are posted on the team site.


If you signed up to work this meet -- or can't remember if you signed up -- look through the sheets for your name. Remember that we divide the meet into a morning and afternoon shift, with a special "away-side" shift during the 50m/100m events.
  • Setup crew should be ready to work at 8:00
  • First shift starts at 8:30
  • Away-side shift will be called during the older boys' 400m
  • Second shift will start around 11:30
* * *

Also, we'll have special Wednesday practices on the following dates to work around the lacrosse teams at College Park:
  • March 19
  • April 2
  • April 9
These will be in addition to the usual Tuesday/Thursday practices. All practice times are now 5:00-6:30pm thanks to the extra sunshine. If you can make it on Wednesdays, we'll be glad to see you there.

Practice times and links to the meet details are on the site's schedule page:


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