Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reminder: Meet #1 this Saturday at DVC

Hello all, just a reminder that our first CYO meet is this Saturday at DVC.
  • Setup crew starts working at 8am
  • Athletes check in with coaches at 8:30am
  • First shift volunteers should be signed in by 8:30am
  • First event starts at 9:00am
Where is it?

DVC stadium, just across the street from practice. The parking lot opens on Viking Drive.

Park in the DVC lot and come into the stadium. There's no parking or admission fees for this meet.


They finally arrived! The Crossman family have them and are planning to distribute the uniforms at the meet on Saturday.

If you aren't able to pick it up for some reason, it's OK. They will make an appearance at upcoming practices, too.

Beat the heat

Athletes and volunteers both should drink lots of water on Saturday. Only water is allowed on the track and field. Please finish your morning coffee off the field.
All other food and drink must be eaten in the stands, including sports drinks.

Dress comfortably and wear sunscreen. It can be very warm on the field: volunteers, take note. Wear good shoes and plan for a lot of standing and walking around. A big hat would not be out of place.

What about events?

Athletes register on the field at the meet. We're not as organized as swim team. :-)

Read the "How a Meet Works" page on the site, and remember this is for fun. Keep a good attitude, be flexible, and smile!

See you on Saturday!

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