Monday, April 20, 2015

Qualifying Meet

As threatened, here's an overview of this Saturday's meet. I'll spare you the long-winded version, though you can read last-season's email online if you're having trouble sleeping.

Saturday will run almost the same as our practice meets, with a few changes:
  • Second graders are promoted. All second graders and younger now compete as third graders.
  • No middle-shift 50m/100m. All events have the same finish line this week.
  • Relay teams must be "pure." We can't run a mixed-parish relay or form co-ed teams. CTK, St. Catherine, and St. Stephen are different parishes.
  • Placement is overall in the event. No matter how many heats we run, there will be only one overall first, second, and third-place finisher. The popsicle sticks indicate how an athlete finished in the heat, not overall.
General Meet Rules
  • No extra people on the track or field. Only checked-in volunteers and athletes being staged for an event may be on the field. Coaches and families need to camp in the vast open spaces of the DVC stands. This is good practice for Sectionals, when athletes are disqualified (!) for loitering.
  • No pacing or calling out split times. Since everyone will be in the stands, this won't be an issue, right? Stay away from the track in general and you'll be fine.
  • Keep perspective, and have fun. Make frequent use of the Golden Rule, and remember this event is for the athletes' enjoyment, not their adults.
Athletes, please remember...
  • Compete in at most 2 races and 1 field event, or 2 field events and 1 race. Don't run in three races, or try to sneak a fourth event in. Your results will get scratched, and you may be disqualified from the day. Relays never count towards this total.
  • Listen for the calls. Check in at your field events when they open for your grade. Stay with the clerks when you check in for a race.
The final list of qualifiers will come out after all the coordinators get together for a seeding meeting. Then we'll move into Sectionals, and start wrapping up our season.

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