Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 Track and Field Season is done!

Hello everyone. There's a last bit of end-of-season business to take care of.


We had our team picnic on Sunday, and despite a breezy and cool start, we had a nice day overall, with lots of food, fun, and awards-a-plenty. I will publish the full list of award recipients up on the team site soon.

If you were not able to attend the picnic and your athlete has leftover ribbons from near the end of the season, either they came home with me, or a kind neighbor or classmate picked them up for you at the picnic. I'll send an email around to families with things leftover, and you'll have about a month to claim them.

Watch for a Twitter update when the awards list goes online, and a direct email if your family has something it needs to pick up from my house.

Helpful Families

Special thanks to the families who went above-and-beyond this year. I have prizes for our raffle winners that need to be picked up. They'll be combined with your athlete's awards, if you are owed any.

We also drew for free uniforms for next season, and I have that list set aside for next season's registration.

Shoe Donations

If you have the good luck to be coming to my house anyway, feel free to return or donate track shoes (spikes) that are still in wearable condition. We'll pass them along to athletes next year.

There will be a labeled bin on my porch for those, and thank you in advance for your support!

Summer, and next season

You'll get email about CYO cross country when it gets closer, typically around mid-August. Anyone with an eligible athlete will be notified, and the team will pull together its final list from registration. I hear that coaches Matt and Evelyn would be happy for an assistant or two this season.

The preliminary schedule is up for next year's track meets. It's online at:

Please help to keep our numbers strong by recruiting friends and classmates to run track! I know a number of the middle schools have their own meet in the springtime, and we're especially short on those upper grades.

Keep the team running strong!

We need coaching help for next season. Coaches are the heart of the program, and we've been very fortunate to have such dedicated (and patient) volunteers helping us out over the years, even when that means putting up with me. If you like to run and have good cat-herding skills, then CYO coaching is surely your destiny.

The team also needs families to cover many administrative roles: lost and found wrangler, team treasurer, awards coordinator, webmaster/data wizard, and co-coordinator. My time is going to be very limited next season, so a smooth transition now will make a big difference in 2016.