Saturday, January 30, 2016

Late Signups, Practices

Some quick updates for the next few days:

Late Signups

Missed signups? Bring the paperwork and two checks (1. $125 volunteer deposit and 2. $75 per athlete plus $15 per shirt) with you to practice. Requirements are on the team site:

First practice Tuesday February 2, 5pm at College Park track

You may park in the large lot under the solar panels and then walk your athlete down to the track. There are stairs near the school-side corner of the lot, and a paved path leading along the side of the baseball field to the stadium. Athletes should resist the urge to run up and down the hillside and climb fences.

Please walk your athletes down to the track to avoid anyone wandering off. We are planning to meet in the stands as usual. Athletes need to stay off the track until instructed by a coach.

Practice ends at dusk, which is around 5:45pm right now. Parents are welcome to stay and watch from the stands.

If you have turned in all your completed paperwork, adults do not need to stay at practice, but do need to be back in time for pickup. Please don't make your athletes suffer the embarrassment of being the Last Kid Waiting with me and the other coaches.

Being Prepared

Athletes should come to practice:
  • On time. We only practice until dusk, which comes fast at this time of year. I know that religious education goes until 5pm for some families. It's fine if you need to be a bit late.
  • Dressed appropriately. It can be cold and windy at the track. Dress in layers, and label your team sweatshirt and anything else that could be easily mixed up. Our Lost & Found pile historically starts at first practice.
  • With water to drink. A reusable sport bottle with plain water is the best drink, and the only beverage allowed on College Park's track and turf -- no sports drinks. Label the bottle, too!
  • Wearing running shoes. Flats, basketball shoes, and skate shoes (Vans) are not running shoes.
Athletes never need track shoes ("spikes") at practice, and generally don't need them at all.

See you soon!