Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 season signups are coming

Hello everyone, and happy new year. The 2016 CYO track and field season is about a month away, and we're due to have signups soon. Expect us to gather in a classroom at Christ the King school around the end of January. We also take signups during practice for a while.

Since we've moved to online scheduling of volunteer time, signups should be considerably simpler now. We still need actual paperwork turned in, and if you're enrolling a new athlete, we'll also need a few other things from you. I'll get the web site updated with these details.

General Details

I haven't been past College Park lately to check on the construction, but I've set up the permits for our usual schedule:
  • Practices at 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting in February
  • Meets on weekends starting in March, dates and locations TBD by the league
  • No meet or practice on Easter weekend
  • Championship meets at the end of April/start of May
  • Team picnic at the end of May
The diocese has posted the all-sports calendar for 2015-2016 on their site:

I'm hoping we'll be able to practice at College Park, and I've added Pleasant Hill Middle as a backup site once we move to daylight savings time. Fingers crossed, everybody.


Just a reminder that this is the Christ the King/St. Catherine/St. Stephens CYO teams, covering Pleasant Hill, Martinez, and part of Walnut Creek.

If you have an athlete attending school or religious education classes in a different parish, then you need to seek out the CYO team for your parish. The league is very strict about this rule.

If your athlete does not attend a parish school or RE, then team membership is based on the athlete's home address:

Athletes and families need not be Catholic to participate: tell your friends/classmates/neighbors.

Team Jobs

My own schedule is changing this season, so it's vital that experienced families step up to take on responsibilities for the team.

We still have the following openings that need to be filled ASAP:
  • Treasurer
  • Registration, roster, and paperwork wrangling
  • Webmaster and results management
As always, completing a team job also relieves your family from having to work meet weekends, unless you also have a burning desire to shag softballs or rake sand pits. We certainly won't stop you from extra volunteering...