Sunday, February 16, 2014

Track news for the week of February 16

Parent meeting tomorrow, Feb 17th at Christ the King parish hall, 6:30pm

New, lapsed, or confused adults are encouraged to come to the annual family meeting/information session Monday evening at the Christ the King parish hall in Pleasant Hill. Late registration and volunteer signups will start at 6:30pm, the meeting will come to order around 7pm. Come with questions! We'll try to be done by 8pm.

Athletes don't need to attend, and will likely be bored.

Practice from 5:00-5:55pm this week

We'll tack on an extra five minutes for the additional daylight. Make sure everyone is dressed for the weather, and check @ctktrack on Twitter or our team site's front page if it looks rainy.

Sharing the track safely

We meet in the center section of the stands before we take the track at practice. Soccer games these past weeks caused us to shift our plans, and there will be lacrosse games in the future to test our flexibility.
  • Always come to the stands by walking around the outside of the track fence. Don't cut across.
  • Stay off all fences, including those in the bleachers.
  • Never jump hurdles, no matter how tempting.
I saw pole vaulters the other day, which is a sign of spring and high school track season.  Please keep out of the way of College Park's runners when you're waiting in the stands, and be patient as they finish on the track.
Lacrosse teams or youth soccer clubs will sometimes be practicing on the field area at the same time as we're running. Be aware and be safe!

Season schedule updated

The final meet schedule is different from what I'd anticipated at signups, so please look over it carefully. The placement of the relay meet and the qualifying meet are worth noting:

Warpath invitational - March 8 (special team event, not CYO sponsored)
Meet #1 - March 15
Meet #2 - March 22
Relay Meet - March 29
Meet #3 - April 5
Meet #4 - April 12
Easter weekend, no CYO activities - April 19
Qualifying Meet - April 26
Sectional Championship - May 2 & 3
Diocese Championship - May 9 & 10

I know that Catholic school and MDUSD students are on Spring Break before the Qualifying meet, and I understand that this may cause gnashing of teeth, rending of clothing and changing of plans. Believe me when I say that this topic was the source of much discussion and teeth-gnashing at the coordinators' meeting, too.

Last call for uniform and sweatshirt orders

This is your final chance to request a specific size. After the order goes in, any new athletes will be fitted with the surplus, and any size swaps or additional purchases will come out of what leftovers we have.

Youth shirt sizing is:

Small (YS) - 6-8
Medium (YM) - 10-12
Large (YL) - 14-16

I'll bring samples to the family meeting.

Athletes must wear their team shirt to meets as their uniform. The sweatshirts are optional, but fashionable and warm.

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