Thursday, April 8, 2010

CTK Track News for the week of 5 Apr 10...

Hi everyone,

I know I promised (you PROMISED!) no team email this week but things are piling up here
at CTK Track world headquarters so here goes a mid-week special.

Will You Miss the Relay Meet?
If your athlete will miss the relay meet, PLEASE tell your runner's primary coach. An
email address for one of the coaches in each group is listed on the Staff page of the web
site. The coaches try very hard to put together good relay teams and knowing ahead of the
meet that your athlete is not coming is a lot better than being surprised. Thank you!
(Note: if you've already told me that your athlete is missing the meet and he or she
is not in my group, I passed along the info to the proper authority.)

A whole lot of volunteers are signed up to work the relay meet and, judging by history,
our volunteers making reminder phone calls will find that a number of them are actually
on vacation this week. If you are at the meet on Saturday, and hear us appeal for a few
more CTK volunteers, please step forward and help out.

Fabulous Prizes
I don't believe that I have mentioned our annual drawing for "extra-helpful volunteers"
this season. Our volunteer coordinator keeps track of who has worked extra shifts at
our meets during the season and these volunteers are entered in a drawing at the
picnic at the end of the season. A few rules:
  • Every shift after your fifth earns you a "ticket" for the drawing.
  • The Mini-Meet does not count, nor do the League Meet or Diocese Meet
  • We take into account that certain jobs are full-meet jobs so they count double
  • You need not attend the picnic to win
  • Hiring YV students to work your shift definitely counts as a shift worked
  • Please always sign in so we know when you've worked!
Ygnacio Valley Students for Hire Again
If you are interested in hiring YVHS athletes to fill your shifts at the Relay Meet,
please let me (or Katy, our volunteer coordinator) know by Thursday. A few more
can be hired at the last minute at the meet but it will help the coach plan to know
how many of his runners are likely to be needed.

Marty Mart Scholarship
8th Grade CYO athletes are invited to apply for the Marty Mart Scholarship
every year. If you have an 8th grader and are interested, please see the application

Three More Quick Items
  • The Relay Meet starts at 9am, so please arrive at 8:30am at YV to warm up
  • If you've seen the missing walkie talkie, please tell me!
  • Practice resumes tomorrow at 5pm at College Park!
See you on the track,


Carl Godkin
CTK/SC/SS Track & Field Coordinator

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