Sunday, April 6, 2014

Track news for the week of April 6

Meet #3: what a difference a week makes!

It was nice not seeing Ygnacio Valley from under an umbrella. We had lovely weather and everything ran pretty smoothly. Thanks again for your time and your help. There's nothing like a day in a downpour to help us appreciate the sunshine.

Results, ribbons, and rewards

Ribbons for meets #1 and #2 have been handed out at practice, as have personal best awards for those two meets. Ribbons for the relay meet are out for sorting now, and will appear at a future practice. I'm working on getting the relay meet's results online. Our mixed-parish/mixed-gender approach plays havoc with

If your athlete is missing a ribbon, have them check with their coaches first. If it's still missing, please email me the athlete's name, the meet date and the event ("Long Jump", "50 meters", etc.) and I'll handcraft an artisanal replacement from my stash of extras. Ribbons are given for the top three places in the heat.

The first of this season's "Seven Up Club" awards should be coming soon, too. Athletes who attempt seven or more different individual events in a season earn a patch of awesomeness. There's two meets left to try to earn this award.

Volunteer confusion and changes

We had a lot of confusion this past week about shifts, and which meet we were running, and in some cases, where the meet was being held.

All of this information is on the team web site, and this should be your first stop to settle questions of when-and-where:

The current volunteer assignments are linked from there when they're assigned. You don't need to wait for your reminder call to check them out. I'll put up a note on Twitter when we have the next assignments online.

If you need to cancel, please let Gina know early in the week so she can remove your name from the schedule. By Thursday night, we should have a nearly-final list.

Meet-day volunteers are welcome and encouraged as always. Thanks to everyone for pitching in when we need you to help the meets run smoothly.

Meet #4: April 12 at Ygnacio Valley High

This coming Saturday is our last meet before Easter. It's deja vu all over again as we return to the hospitality of Ygnacio Valley. This looks to be our largest meet yet this season, and is the last of the "practice" meets. Things get a little more serious at the qualifying meet on the 26th.

Practice this week: Tues, Wed, Thurs

We have our final bonus Wednesday this week:
  • Tuesday, April 8 meet on the blacktop at 5pm in case lacrosse has a home game.
  • Wednesday, April 9 meet in the bleachers at 5:00
  • Thursday, April 10 meet in the bleachers at 5:00
Thanks to all of you for your patience as we try to coexist with the high school teams.
Easter week

CYO activities stop for Easter weekend, starting on Holy Thursday, the 17th. There is no practice on the 17th, and no meet on the 19th. We'll start practice back up on Tuesday the 22nd.

College Park will be on spring break that week and the large parking lot will be gated shut. You may use the loop in front of the school for practice.

If you're away on spring break, we'll miss you, but have a good vacation, and don't eat too much candy because...

Qualifying meet, April 26 at Ygnacio Valley High

...the championships are coming. The qualifying meet is the first "serious" meet of the season, and we have a number of changes that we make at that meet, mostly related to relay teams and placement in races. I'll write these up for your Easter break reading.

Athletes should be thinking about what events they want to compete in at the qualifying. The limit of three individual events is enforced at the qualifying meet, so choose carefully.

Whether the qualifying meet turns out to be the final one of the season for your athlete, or the start a championship attempt, please remember that having fun is the main goal, always. Support your athlete and celebrate their accomplishments no matter how they place in their events.

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