Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reminder: Meet #3 this Saturday at Ygnacio Valley High

Hello everyone -- there seems to be some confusion about the meet schedule since we shuffled the relay meet around.

Just to clarify:
  • Meet #3 is at Ygnacio Valley High this weekend. Martinez schools are on spring break this week.
  • Meet #4 is next Saturday, April 12, also at Ygnacio Valley High
  • Easter is the weekend after: no meet on April 19
  • The qualifying meet is April 26, again at Ygnacio Valley High. MDUSD and Catholic schools are on spring break this week.
Spring break, first communion, and other life events may prevent you from attending meets -- that's OK. Life happens. However, athletes must compete and place at the qualifying meet to be eligible to move onward. I'm obligated to remind you that first communions and family trips to Hawaii are a higher priority than track meets, even the qualifier.

That said, the qualifying meet is the very last chance for you to complete your volunteer hours, so please look at your calendars carefully, and if you'll be away, be sure you're volunteering this week or next to make up the balance of your commitments.
After qualifying comes the sectionals, and then the diocese championship in May. Practice remains open to all athletes on the team, regardless of qualifying status. There will be more about these in newsletters to come, don't worry.

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