Sunday, April 27, 2014

Track news for the week of April 27

Qualifying meet complete


That was just about as close as close could be. We had to be off the field by 2:00 for a soccer game on Saturday, and my watch said 1:45 as we were getting the final packing up completed. Thanks all around to the many volunteers who stepped up to help and those who stayed extra shifts, and to the athletes for giving it their best.

Practice Tuesday and Thursday this week

Practice is open to everyone, regardless of their performance on Saturday.
  • Tuesday lacrosse games will keep us off the track again, so meet on the blacktop
  • Thursday meet at the track
Ribbons, personal bests, and the final Seven-Up Club awards of the season will be handed out at practice, to entice you to come back and keep us company. Only four practices left!

Sectional meet Friday May 2 and Saturday May 3

For those athletes who are fortunate enough to place, I've already got your weekend plans figured out.

All the team coordinators will meet on Tuesday night to review the meet results and to place athletes in the Sectional meet this coming weekend. We'll get them posted as soon as we can. I know the wait is excruciating.
  • 1600m event Friday evening at DVC, 6:00pm
The Sectional 1600m event is held Friday evening at DVC, starting at 6pm. I will be there, and I'm sure a number of the coaches will be, too. If your athlete placed well in the mile this Saturday, please keep Friday evening free.

The order of events is typically the younger grades first, and then the older grades. Each grade will run in their own heat.
  • All other events at 8:30am on Saturday at Granada High, Livermore
The remainder of the events will be held on Saturday morning. If you're new to Granada, make sure your GPS is up to date. Construction a few years ago did away with the previous exit from 580.

Saturday events will start at 8:30, so leave plenty early and double-check your directions. There will be a line at the gate and the parking lot will fill up. It's tradition!

Athletes who have track shoes (spikes) need to have them ready to be checked at the gate. Only 1/4" or 1/8" pyramid-style spikes are permitted. I have extra spikes and wrenches to replace worn or missing ones.

There may be an admission fee at Saturday's event, but I'm not yet certain. It would be a good idea to have some cash on hand just in case. Athletes in uniform and coaches with cards are admitted free.

There's also a super-size snack shack at Granada, which (alas) does not serve free goodies to coaches and coordinators... but I do keep asking.

Granada High

Sectionals and the Diocese meet are very popular. To get a little breathing room, our team usually sits  near the end of the "away side" stands by the large ball field and shot put areas. Look for our banner on the front of the stands.

All parents are reminded to be good sports, and that officials, coaches, coordinators, and every other person working at the meets is a volunteer. Extend them your kindness and courtesy, even if they've made a decision that doesn't favor your athlete.

Always keep perspective. Your kids won't remember their marks next year, but they never forget our own bad behavior.

Granada is often windy, and sometimes chilly. If you are bringing a tent or umbrella to put in the stands, you need to arrive very early to set up in the back rows, and pack bungee cords or rope to tether it down. Coordinators arrive to setup at 7:00am if you need a definition of "early."

Here's a map of last year's meet:

Race check-ins should be in the softball field near the main parking lot entrance. Only athletes and assigned volunteers are allowed in the clerk area, and athletes can report only when their event is called. Field events are run the same way: athletes report to the event only when their grade opens.

Also, only assigned volunteers can be on the field. This is enforced under penalty of disqualification, and the league really means it. Don't risk it! Pack a pair of sport binoculars and watch from the stands.

Volunteers at Sectionals

I bet you thought you were done for the season, didn't you?

Families who have a qualifying athlete should expect a polite email about helping at the Sectional meet on Saturday. Our team will be assigned some aspect of the meet to run, and if you have an athlete participating on that day, you may get to participate, too.

Time worked at Sectionals counts towards your credit for the team, and should take you into the coveted "bonus shifts" territory for the picnic prize drawing.

Volunteers are expected to arrive early, and check-ins should be at a table along the side of the snack shack. Friday night's mile event may not need volunteers, but we absolutely love spectators and teammates to come and cheer.

I'll find out Tuesday night about our team's assigned volunteer requirements for this weekend.

Not going to Sectionals?

If your athlete has First Communion, or didn't qualify, or you have some other conflict, then your meet season is done for 2014. Please enjoy your weekends back with my blessing.

Even if your meets are done, CYO carries on. Practices go through May 8, and we still have the end-of-season picnic on May 31. No doubt this is already in giant red letters on your calendar.

If your athlete can't wait until next season, CYO has a cross-country program, too. Practice and signups are in August. Meets are on Friday evenings at regional parks starting in September. It's lots of fun, great conditioning, and perfect for kids who can't stop running. Expect an email reminder as summer starts drawing to a close.

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