Friday, April 11, 2014

Reminder: Meet #4 tomorrow at Ygnacio Valley High, 9am check-in time

Just a reminder that our final practice meet of the season is tomorrow at Ygnacio Valley High. Please look over the volunteer schedule posted on the site. We always welcome volunteers on the day of the meet.
The YVH administration also wants to pass along that no athletes may be in the stadium before 9am tomorrow. We've been permitting early team warm-ups, but we've been politely-yet-firmly reminded that this is not OK.


Setup crew and volunteer check-in: You're exceptional people already, so you -- and only you -- are allowed in early. I'll see you at 8:30 tomorrow on the track. We'll open the gate for you, no secret handshake required.

Your athletes may come in with you if they would be otherwise unattended, but they need to be super, super quiet. I recommend sitting on the field while setup takes place, and NOT jumping around the bleachers. The neighbors will appreciate it.

Coaches, athletes, and everybody else: Gates will open at 9am, and you may come in then. We're still going to try for a 9:30am start, so please help us out by checking in and getting positioned as quickly as possible. If you're not scheduled to work, please give priority in line to those who are, so we know what positions have openings.

Saturday is supposed to be our largest meet yet. Please be patient, be kind, and enjoy the nice weather we have on tap. See you then!

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