Saturday, February 11, 2012

Track News for Feb 12, 2012

Hello again, track families, here's your weekly team news update.

* Parent Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came out to our meeting last week and who tolerated my froggy voice. If you missed the meeting, or just want to relive the joy, you can read through the "Parent Info" page on the site. If there's a question I haven't answered, let me know and I'll write it in.

* Practice

Please remind your athletes and other affiliated children not to play on the hillsides on the way to and from practice. The cross-country team signups are in August if they enjoy that sort of thing. Let's keep the College Park staff happy to let us use their space.

Practices end at 5:50 starting this week, as we make the most of the available daylight. Always check the team schedule page for times and a quick overview of upcoming workouts:

Remember that we're also having a special practice this Saturday the 18th to work on field events: all ages may compete in the softball throw and long jump, and athletes in grade 5 and above may also compete in high jump and shot put. The practice time is from 1:30-3:30. As an added incentive, I will bring our small collection of  "loaner spikes" to the practice, if any parents want to rummage through them, or if returning families have old pairs in usable condition that they'd like out of the house.

* Lost and Found

We have a variety of fresh-picked clothing and accessories that were left behind at practice on Thursday. Check the web site for this week's harvest. I'll bring a large shopping bag to practice if you want to go through it and see if anything looks familiar. Items left unclaimed by the end of the season will make their final appearance at the team picnic in June, and then the remainder will go to Goodwill.

* Uniforms

The order for team t-shirts and sweatshirts is ready to go to the printer. We hope to have them before the mini-meet.

All athletes must wear a team t-shirt to participate in a meet. Used shirts from last year, or from a sibling or friend are fine, as long as they are for the correct parish.

Please review the uniform list online, and let me know of any corrections or additions right away:

There's still time to order a sweatshirt if you didn't already. Just let me know and I'll put you down.

When they arrive, our super-friendly shirt-sorters will make them available at practice. If you find that the size you ordered no longer fits your athlete, please let me know at once. If the uniform is unused, we can arrange an exchange. 

* Signups and Drops

Yes, we're still taking late signups. Yes, we're also accepting drops. See me either way so we can sort out the paperwork, fees or refunds, and volunteer details. February 29 is the last day to join the team or drop with a refund.

* Volunteer Shifts

I've added a new "Volunteers" link to the web site where you can check the shift assignments for each of the meets. I copied these from the large signup sheets, and have undoubtedly butchered some of the names, so please look them over and send corrections to me or Katy Simpson, our veteran volunteer coordinator.

If you signed up late and somehow missed your chance to get added to these sheets, don't worry! We have openings for you. This season, we're asking families to sign up for:
  • One shift at the "mini-meet" on March 10
  • A total of five shifts in the other regular-season meets (Meet #1 through the Qualifying meet)
Remember that you may work two shifts at one meet to fulfill your responsibilities, or rope in another adult to cover multiple shifts. Without family help, we can't hold meets. Expect an email from me or the volunteer coordinator if you haven't signed up for meet jobs.

* Team Jobs

There are still a few special "team jobs" available for your consideration. Working these jobs fulfills your volunteer commitment. If you've already signed up for meet jobs, we will transfer you off the sheets.
  • First Aid: At the meets where our team acts as the host, we provide someone working at the first aid tent down near the finish line. The majority of cases are cuts and scrapes and maybe a blister. Sometimes you'll be comforting an athlete with an ice pack or just giving them a cool, shady spot to sit and drink some water and stretch out a cramp. If you've got basic first-aid skills and can commit to working a couple of meets, please let me know. Medical professionals, we're especially looking at you.
  • 4th-5th Grade Boys Assistant: We're a little short-staffed with this group. We need another adult or two who can commit to practices and help manage this very energetic and enthusiastic bunch. Moms and dads are equally welcome to help out. You'll need to complete the diocese form and attend the certification meeting as spelled out on the "Coaches" page on our team site.
  • Picnic Boss/Queen/King: We have our team potluck picnic and awards ceremony scheduled for early June, and I need someone to handle it. The main job is to do almost nothing for a couple of months, and then make sure that we have supplies at the site: tablecloths, ice, charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, and sodas. This year, we have the added wrinkle of our usual location at Pleasant Hill Park being taken over by construction, so we may have to move. I've got two others picked out, and need our boss/queen/king to do the leg work in making reservations. The team covers all costs for permits and picnic supplies.

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