Friday, February 24, 2012

Three Track Things

Hello everyone, three quick notes:

1) Remember that we have a special field events practice scheduled for this Sunday, starting at 1:30pm. All athletes are welcome to participate, even if they came to the first clinic on the 18th.Remember to bring water and maybe slap on some sunscreen, too.

2) If you have not completed your paperwork or owe me a check or two,please take care of this right away. I need to get our roster into the league next week. I must have the following on file for every athlete:birth certificate (or other legal proof of age), health release,concussion form. All fees need to be paid up before the first meet. I have records of everything, and will be contacting you to settle. Katy Simpson will also be making sure you're set up with volunteer hours.

3) The Lost & Found is overflowing. I'm going to start leaving older items in the archives (a bin in my porch.) Email me if you recognize something, and expect to see the whole collection at the picnic.

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