Sunday, March 12, 2017

News for the Week of March 12th

Practice Time
5:00-6:30 Mon and Thurs until further notice

War Path Recap
I hope everyone had fun on Saturday. It was almost perfect weather.

Our regular meets are conducted much the same way, but results are recorded on paper, typed into the computer afterward, and then posted online. The paper feathers are a War Path exclusive.

Uniform Pickup
Uniform shirts and team sweatshirts will be handed out at practice Monday and Thursday. Look for a table at the bottom of the stairs from the parking lot. They will also be available at the meet on Saturday, starting at 8am.

We'll hand out the ordered sizes first, and then we can make swaps for unworn items (trying it on is fine.) Parish assignments are fixed, so we can't swap one parish's shirt for a different one.

If you registered late (after 2/12) that may have been too late to get a sweatshirt. If you paid for one and you don't get one, you'll get a refund.

Meet #1 on Saturday, March 18, Granada High School, Livermore
  • Volunteers, athletes, coaches arrive: 8:00am
  • First event starts: 8:30am
  • Estimated finish:  1:00pm
  • There are still two important meet jobs open: Head Clerk and Field Events Coordinator. If you volunteered at any meets last season, you are qualified to perform these functions! Please consider changing your sign-up from "generic worker" to one of these two jobs.
  • We are the meet host. Our meet director is Amanda Donohue, who needs your support, patience, and gratitude.
  • Unfortunately, I will miss this meet, but our other coaches will handle everything just fine.
  • Parking: There is a band competition taking place in the parking lot of Granada High School, so it will be necessary to park on the street. You can park along Wall Street, or Mocho Street, which is the back entrance at Granada. It sounds like a mess, so give yourself extra time and plan on a walk.
Volunteers are committed for the entire meet, but athletes can come for just the first half or just the 2nd half in the case of schedule conflicts. Just let your primary coach know when that's the case.

Note that whereas dropping off athletes for practice is perfectly acceptable, for meets that's not the case. It is impossible for coaches to keep track of all the athletes at a meet and so parents should plan to stay and provide a "home base" in the stands for their kids. Food and drink other than water should remain in the stands. The team will drop bags and extra clothes in one area on the field and athletes should be encouraged to hang out there when not competing so it is easier for coaches to find them when events are called or relays need to be formed.

An athlete only needs to compete in 2 out of the 4 "regular" season meets to be eligible to advance past the Qualifying Meet.

In previous years there have been "rent a student" options for fulfilling your volunteer hours. I know YV is not doing that this year. If I find out that's an option for any of our meets, I'll let you know.

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