Sunday, February 8, 2015

Track news for the week of February 8

Hello again families -- here's your track news for the week.

Practices Tuesday and Thursday this week, 5:00-5:50pm

As long as the weather holds, practices will continue at College Park from 5:00pm until dusk. We pick up about 5 minutes of daylight each week, so we'll end at 5:50 pm this week.

Please continue to escort your athletes to the track before practice, and gather them up trackside at the end.

Weather Watch

If the forecast calls for rain, I post about the status of practice by 4:00pm on the team Twitter account (@ctktrack). Those tweets appear on the front page of our web site, too.

If you have doubts about my prognosticating powers, you're free to keep your athlete home from practice, but unless we're being doused in liquid sunshine, plan to run.

Sharing at College Park

Although we have permits for practice, the stadium belongs to College Park, and we sometimes need to wait patiently for high school games to complete, or will practice at the same time as other teams. College Park track team will be starting up soon, too, which include some CYO alums.

We aim to meet in the second section of the bleachers, leaving the end closest to the parking lot open for the high school team. Please be respectful as we wait our turn, and listen to the coach announcements.


Your athlete should wear running shoes to practice. They do not need track shoes -- "spikes" -- for practice, though that won't stop them from asking.

Area stores can help you get fitted properly -- try Fleet Feet in Pleasant Hill, Athletic Outpost in Walnut Creek, or Road Runner in Concord.

Fleet Feet and Athletic Output usually offer a discount if you mention you're buying for CYO. Road Runner has their own discount program for members.

Lost & Found

I'm pleased to say that lost and found is still empty after our first week of practice: a team record!

New Family Meeting

I'll be scheduling our annual family information meeting soon at Christ the King in Pleasant Hill. New families are encouraged to send an adult to attend, armed with questions.

Late Signups Still Accepted

I'll still take signups at practice, and at the family meeting, too. Please help spread the word about track to friends and classmates.

Meet Volunteers

We can conduct track meets only with the help of family volunteers. Gina Marks is our team's volunteer coordinator, and she'll be happy to pencil your family in for shifts during the season, or to change a date if you give her ample advance notice.

Did you join the team after signup nights? Chances are you need to contact Gina and sign up for some volunteer shifts.

Gina's email address in on the "Volunteers" page:

Meet-specific assignments will be posted online before the meet. Adult family members sign in at the meet to earn credit. We also take walk-up volunteers on meet days, to help fill in the inevitable gaps.

Families who go above and beyond the minimum requirement are entered into a prize raffle held at the picnic.

Families who fall short of the required amount both forfeit their deposit and risk disqualifying their athlete for the late-season championship meets. Don't do this! Meet jobs are not complicated, and will make the day pass quickly.

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