Sunday, May 25, 2014

Track news for the week of May 25

That moment you've been waiting for: the final newsletter of the 2014 season!

Team Picnic and Awards, Saturday May 31, Pleasant Hill Park, 11:30-3:30

We'll get together one last time as a team to pass out any remaining ribbons from the season, and recognize athletes, coaches, and you, the hardworking volunteer families.

The picnic is potluck style, so please being a side dish or dessert to share with everyone else. Also bring something to grill for your own family if you like, and don't forget plates, napkins and utensils. There's usually no shortage of food, and the event is very informal and casual. Please, no alcohol.

We're at site #3, under the shady wooden structure next to the Teen Center and the main parking lot on Gregory:

The team will provide canned sodas and water, and the charcoal grills should be hot around lunchtime.

After lunch, we'll divide into practice groups, and then regather as a team for awards. All the lost and found will be at the picnic, and unclaimed items become our traditional team donation to Goodwill.

Volunteer deposit checks

It took us a little while to compile the final list, but if your volunteer deposit is in jeopardy, you should have received an email from me by now. Thanks to everyone for stepping up and helping this season.

If you did not receive an email from me, then your check will be run through a commercial shredder and turned into a fine confetti.

CYO cross country starts in August

Signups and practices for cross country season traditionally happen around mid-August. Coach Matt Milton heads this up. Keep your eye on the team web site and on the CC team's Twitter feed: @CYO_Xcountry 

Cross country is a great strength-building sport and a lot of fun!

That's all, folks

And that should be it for this season! I'm still looking into getting new uniforms for next season, so watch for updates on the web site about that. St. Stephen's will get a mascot as part of the makeover -- I'm leaning towards "Stallions" over "Stone Cutters," personally.

Signups for the team will be in January, practices in February, and meets will start up again in March. It'll be here before you know it, so please tell your friends and classmates about our program. I hope to see you all at the picnic, and at the track.

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