Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reminder: Diocese meet Friday and Saturday

Just a quick reminder about this weekend's activities:

The 800m and 1600m events for the diocese championship meet run Friday night, May 9, at James Logan High School in Union City:

Please allow enough time to arrive. It can take anywhere from 45 minutes to well over an hour to get there from the Pleasant Hill area, depending on traffic. It will very likely be cold there, and athletes are strongly encouraged to wear multiple layers, and even bring a blanket to stay under until your races. You can always peel off a layer if you get too warm.

# # #
On Saturday May 10, we're back at Granada High in Livermore for the parade and remainder of the events:
First shift volunteers need to check in with Gina or I next to the snack shack by 7:45 on Saturday so we know you're there and ready to start. Assignments are on the team site:
Backups need to check in too.

AM stands and staging marshals will begin at 8am, 4x100 judges at 8:15, and everybody else at 8:30. After the parade and opening ceremonies the meet will start in earnest.
Admission and spike check will be handled at the entrance gates to Granada. Our team will be set up in the away-side stands: look for the team banner.

* * *
Thank you all again for a great season, congratulations to the qualifiers, and good luck to all competitors!

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