Monday, May 5, 2014

Team qualifiers for the diocese meet posted

Hello again everyone,

Sorry about the hangups with the results. I have put together a list of athletes who qualified for this weekend's meet, with their marks from Friday and Saturday. I'm waiting for the final blessing from the league to publish the complete results.

Our team's qualifiers are:

There's sheets of qualifiers by athlete so you can see them all together, and in the order of events so you can schedule your weekend. I'm sure you just clicked that link right away and aren't even reading this part, so I'll wait here until you get back...

* * *

Welcome back!

I'm very pleased to see that our team has a qualifier in every event but one. That's a testament to the hard work the coaches and kids have put in all season.

If your athlete has a "1/2/3" in the "Place" column, they are a qualifier and will compete in their events on Friday or Saturday. If they are listed as "ALT" then they are an alternate. As was the case as sectionals, alternates are not guaranteed to compete.

The clerks use a pre-sorted list to rotate among alternates to fill open lanes. Please adjust your athlete's expectations accordingly. Alternates need to check in when the event is called and stay with the clerks until the race is walked out to the track or until dismissed by someone in charge in the clerk area.

Field events are run in parallel to races, and athletes must check in to the field events as soon as they are called. If they are pulled away to race, they need to inform the event judge (the person with the clipboard) before running off. This should be very familiar territory by now. Alternates should check in here, too, when the event opens.

Coaches, random athletes, and parents are not allowed in the clerk pen, or on the field for any reason unless you are conscripted, er, "volunteered" to work a job. No news yet on what we're scheduled to work.

Athletes do not need stickers at the diocese meet, but you do need to be in uniform. No look-alike t-shirts this week. Contact me if you never picked yours up for some reason, and I'll bring it to practice this week. A warm under-layer is fine, but an athlete's uniform needs to be clearly visible when they are competing.

Friday distance events at James Logan High, 6:30pm start:

The 1600m event starts at 6:30, followed by the 800m.  Athletes waiting for their events need to keep warm. One or more of the coaches should be present that evening.

Saturday remaining events at Granada High, 8:30am start:

Coaches have a meeting on the field at 8:00am sharp. Early arrival is key for everyone this week.

Again, no stickers are required, but we especially want to know if our relay teams are complete. Look for me or the coaches in the away-side stands.

The parade will hopefully get started by 8:30am -- don't miss it! -- and then the calls for the 4x100m relays will begin with the eighth grade girls race.

Please run off a copy of the program for yourself:

The order of events on page 4 is close-but-not-really to our own practice meets, and if the diocese has their usual head clerk in charge this week, I promise you she runs a tight ship down there.

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