Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Diocese meet qualifiers (relays)

We've gotten more updates from the league, so I've put together a draft list of the relay teams that will be competing at the diocese meet. We're waiting on the final, final, final seeding from the diocese, but here's a draft version, showing the names of the athletes who ran on these teams last week:


For the first time ever(?) the other two sections appear to have medley teams, so we're going to run the medley for all grades, just like the 4x100m relay (top three teams run, fourth place team is alternate.) Alternates in the medley might have a better-than-average chance of running, says the league. We'll see what happens. Maybe the event will even show up in the program this year!

The 4x400m is limited to the top three finishers overall by gender. Track is a sport of traditions, even when they don't always make sense -- this is one of those. Bad news for the younger teams that had little competition on the track. There's always next year.

We have CTK placed in all three relays, which is very impressive. If you know for certain that your athlete cannot run on Saturday and they belong to these teams, please let Mike Stone or Trish know immediately so they can make plans and find substitutes. Their contact information is on our coach page:


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