Thursday, April 7, 2011

Qualifying Meet Details (and plea for some more help)...

Hi Track Families,

This is the beginning of the Championship part of the season and there are a few things to tell you about that wouldn't fit in the weekly email.  (And let's face it: you would have stopped reading by then anyhow had I added all of this.)

Meet Volunteers Needed
We ALMOST have enough volunteers for this Saturday's meet, but few extra volunteers remain on the list and we need two more volunteers for the second shift of shot put.  Please send Katy an email if you are available for one of these jobs, or want to sign up as an extra volunteer for either shift.

Unfortunately, we have had some meet-day flakiness from parent volunteers this season (not all of it weather-related) so having some extra people available to send to whatever open jobs remain is very helpful.  We'll try to have some extra help on duty at volunteer check-in to speed up the process this week.  And remember you're earning chances for our "Extra-Helpful Parent Drawing" at the picnic once you've worked five shifts.

Tell Your Coach...
Please tell your coach(es) if your athlete won't be at the Qualifying Meet this weekend.  

If your athlete qualifies but they won't be able to compete in the Sectional Meet, please also tell your coach(es) (and me) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  The Sectional Meet is run in two parts: the 1600m races are Friday evening, April 15, at DVC and the rest of the events will be run Saturday, April 16, at Granada HS in Livermore.

No Parent Spectators on the Track
Parents are not supposed to be on the track at all unless they have a coach's badge or a volunteer sticker. If you are one of those parents who likes to follow your athlete around, please find a nice spot in the spacious DVC bleachers this weekend instead.  We will be asking parents who are not working to leave the field. I really dislike having to play policeman on this, so find a nice spot and let your kids compete in their races. Thanks.

No Opposite Side Races
Expect the meet to be longer this weekend.  We are not supposed to split the meet as we usually do for the 50m and 100m races.  In addition, we are not supposed to combine grades in heats of races (other than the 1600m and 800m races).  These are league rules, not my bright ideas!

Not More Rain!?
Since there's a 50% chance of rain this afternoon, please check the web site for an update after 4pm if the weather is iffy.  We try not to cancel practice, but...

See you on the track,


Carl Godkin
CTK/St.C/St.S Track & Field Coordinator

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