Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Sectional Championship Details...

Hi Parents,

This weekend is the Sectional Championship meet as you probably know.  After this weekend, we have a two week break before our next meet (Relay Meet on April 30) and then one more after that: the Diocese Championship Meet on May 6/7.

I have a few more details for you about Friday and Saturday.  First of all, I've posted the "official program" for the meet on our home page, which is also where all the results, qualifiers, and CTK/SC/SS qualifiers are listed.  The order of events is a little bit different from what we're used to, so please encourage your kids to keep their ears open.

Friday Night at DVC
The 1600m races (and only the 1600m races) will be run Friday evening at DVC starting at 6pm.  The order of events is a little unusual: 3G 4G 5G 3B 4B 5B 6G 7G 8G 6B 7B 8B.

Runners should be there early enough to warm up, say at least half an hour before their race.  (But this is track and we don't know when that will be exactly...)  

There will be just one sheet of stickers for all of the athletes.  Coach Trish will probably have them so look for her!

Saturday at Granada
The meet starts with the 4x100m relays at 8:30am at Granada HS in Livermore.  (Plug "400 Wall St., Livermore, CA" into your car's navigation system or see the directions on the web site.)

There is a small admission charge for this meet.  It's $1 for kids (ages 6-14) and $3 for those 15 and older.  Seniors and  kids under 6 are free, as are coaches with their blue diocese cards and (of course) athletes.  Friday night's races have no admission charge.

Please pay particular attention to the event calls since the Field Events are going to be run strictly by grade this year, just like the races.  If an athlete misses his or her call for a field event, then it's just like missing a race.  Athletes may not jump or throw early or late this weekend.

If an athlete is at a field event and hears a call for a running event in which they are entered, they must check out with the field event judge and come back as soon as possible.

(Special note to 4th and 5th grade boys: Coach Trish will have your stickers on Saturday.  Not me!)

We have been asked by the league to handle several volunteer jobs this weekend.  Katy, our volunteer coordinator, or one of her helpful assistants will be in contact with you to ask for your help if your child qualified for any individual events to be run on Saturday.  The listing of openings is on the Volunteer page as usual if you want to beat the rush and volunteer for something!  We really appreciate it.  Assistant coaches are not normally asked to work meet jobs but, as in past years, the Sectional and Diocese meets are an exception.  If your child qualified,  please help us out.

Katy will be handing out volunteer stickers on Saturday morning.  Look for her before reporting to your job!

Parents and coaches who are not doing a meet job are not allowed inside the track fence either Friday evening or 

See you on the track,


Carl Godkin
CTK/St.C/St.S Track & Field Coordinator

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