Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CTK Track News for the week of 14 Mar 2011

Greetings Track Parents,

I hope you have fun yesterday at the meet.  The weather was perfect, I thought, making it a nice day to be outside.

Thanks to all of the parents who worked at yesterday's meet.  We had pretty good coverage but can do better.  If you find that you are scheduled for next weekend's meet but cannot make your work assignment, please either find your own replacement or at least notify Katy, our volunteer coordinator, earlier in the week than Friday.  Of course there's nothing you can do if you or your athlete wakes up sick on Friday or Saturday and we try to have extra volunteers on hand for that.

Yesterday many parents worked meet jobs for the first or second time.  You will find that our meets will go faster and faster as the season continues and we all become a little more efficient.  Think of it as one more competition - how early can we finish?  Last season we finished one of our meets at about 12:35pm which would mean knocking an hour and forty minutes off our time from yesterday.  We can do it!

This Week
For the remainder of the season, we're extending our practice time to end at 6:30pm to take advantage of the extra daylight we were given by last night's time change.  Here's the schedule:
  • Practice: Tuesday, March 15, 5-6:30pm, College Park High School track
  • Practice: Thursday, March 17, 5-6:30pm, College Park High School track
  • Meet #2: Saturday, March 19, 9am, Ygnacio Valley High School track
As usual, athletes and first-shift volunteers should be at the track on Saturday by 8:30am.  We'll begin the meet with first heat of the 1600m race at 9am.

Meet results are posted for yesterday and you can reach them from the "Schedule" page of the web site.  Let me know if you spot errors.   Yesterday's results will eventually make their way into  We will have ribbons this week at practice (usually on Thursday) along with Starburst awards again (usually on Tuesday).  Personal Best ribbons will debut soon as well.

Speaking of the "Schedule" page, you'll notice that the rest of the meet venues are filled in now.  We'll be visiting San Ramon Valley HS for Meet #3 and then Granada HS for Meet #4 before returning to DVC for our Qualifying Meet on April 9.  Meets #3 and #4 will require changes to the volunteer staffing (for the better!) that I'll discuss next week.

Lost & Found
Part of the fun of cleaning up after the meets is all the cool stuff we find around the track.  This week's treasures are now listed on the Lost & Found page of the web site, where they will remain until the team picnic after the season ends.  If you spot something you'd like back, send me a note and I'll try to bring it to practice.  

A lot of the kids on the track team wear track spikes at the meets.  These are great for running, but a sure way to visit our First Aid tent if the kids wrestle or otherwise roughhouse.  I will speak to the kids at practice this week (they listen quietly with their hands folded in their laps whenever I speak at practice...) but please reinforce this. 

Spikes are only for racing, long jumping, and high jumping.  Kids should wear them to practice without special permission from the coaches for a number of reasons.  And they should be very careful around that they don't poke themselves or their teammates.  Kids are only allowed to wear 1/4" or shorter pyramid style spikes.  I have hundreds of replacement spikes that I am happy to give to the kids at meets, by the way.  Don't both buying any.

Hire A Ygnacio Valley Student-Athlete To Work Your Shift
For the past couple of years, Ygnacio Valley High School athletes have been required to pay a substantial fee to participate in high school sports.  The YVHS track coach, George Francis, who himself used to be a CYO track coach, has invented a fundraiser to help his students pay their sports fees.  For $20 per shift, you can hire a YV student to do your job at the meet.  Please let me know by Wednesday night if you are interested in this offer so I can give George some idea how many of his athletes to have on hand Saturday morning.  Lots of parents from our team and other league teams participated last season and they raised about $6000 this way.  (Please don't do the math on how this affects your $50 work deposit!)  They always have extra kids on hand so you can hire them Saturday morning without a "reservation." too.

See you on the track,


Carl Godkin
CTK/St.C/St.S Track & Field Coordinator

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