Sunday, March 14, 2010

CTK Track news for the week of 8 Mar 10...

Greeting Track Parents,

We had beautiful weather for the 2010 Mini-Meet and I thought the meet ran very well. I hope your kids enjoyed themselves and are eager to compete again next week.

The Mini-Meet results will be posted this week. (Actually, results are starting to appear now on We don't award ribbons for the Mini-Meet this year, but we'll be awarding ribbons after all of the rest of our meets. We'll also be awarding personal best ribbons to recognize improved performances throughout the season. And for the old-timers, Starburst awards start Tuesday!

Two Practices This Week
This week practice will go from 5-6:15pm at College Park HS as usual. Next week we'll extend a little further -- to 6:30pm -- which is as late as we'll go for the balance of the season. (We're springing forward next weekend.)

Practices this week are
  • Tuesday, 3/10 from 5-6:15pm at College Park HS
  • Thursday, 3/12 from 5-6:15pm at College Park HS
First "Real" Meet Next Weekend
Next Saturday, March 13, is our first regular season meet and it will be very similar to the Mini-Meet except that we'll have more company. We'll be hosting the St. Perpetua, St. Monica, St. John Vianney, and St. Francis teams. The meet will be held at Ygnacio Valley High School in Concord.

The first gun is at 9am, but
  • All athletes and first shift volunteers should strive to be there by 8:30am
  • The setup crew should be there at 8am
  • Please tell your athlete's primary coach if your athlete will be absent or late to help in relay team planning
  • If you cannot make your work assignment for this (or any other meet), please find a replacement or contact our volunteer coordinator as a last resort.
Contact info for the primary coaches and volunteer coordinator is on the Staff page of the web site.

But If You Don't Want to Work...
Ygnacio Valley High School's track coach, George Francis, is a former CYO coach and has an offer for you: Sponsor a YV track athlete who will work your shift(s) this weekend.

Here's how it works. The YVHS track team is doing a fundraiser at all CYO meets held at their track this season. (We'll have at least two.) For a $40 donation, a YV athlete will work two shifts for you next Saturday. Or, for a $20 donation, a YV athlete will work one shift next Saturday. If you are interested, please let me know ASAP so I can contact George and tell him how many of his athletes we'll need.

(By the way, please don't do the math here with respect to your volunteer deposit. This is a fundraiser and donation!)

Event Variety & Late Relays
Please support the coaches as we encourage your kids to try different events at the first few meets. Each athlete will have his or her favorite events but we want them to try longer or shorter distances once or twice. If your child just does the 50m, 100m, and softball throw every week, they are missing out on the full track and field experience!

We normally run two relay races (Sprint Medley and 4x400m) at the end of our meets. If you are working the second shift anyway, please encourage your kids to run these events. We didn't run them at the Mini-Meet, but will do so the rest of the season. These relays are lots of fun since we seem to be left with the more dedicated kids from all of the teams present. And since many of the kids have left, ribbons are often easier to come by!

See you on the track,


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