Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CTK Track news for the week of 22 Mar 10...

Greetings Track Families,

I thought our athletes and our parent volunteers did themselves proud yesterday at our Meet with
the combined St. Isidore and St. Joan of Arc teams. They are used to hosting meets since they
also have a very big team and their coordinator was very complimentary of our efforts. Thanks
very much to all of the parents who worked so hard.

Sprints on Both Sides of the Track
As you may have noticed, we finished half an hour earlier despite having run two sets of relays
at the meet's end yesterday. Yes, we started 10 minutes earlier than last week, but the big
difference was, I think, running the short sprints on both sides of the track simultaneously.
I have to admit I was a skeptical of this practice, but now I'm a believer. And from the rave
reviews I heard from many parents, a lot of you are too. If we can save all the meet attendees
an hour each Saturday, I think we all win.

We are going to try to do it again next weekend at DVC since we have plenty of volunteers
signed up if we can come up with the extra equipment necessary to do so in time. (I am
working on it, rest assured.) The good news is that even if you are an unassigned volunteer at
this point for next week's meet, we'll find you something to do if only for the 50m and 100m

We'll practice twice as usual this week, on Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6:30pm at College

Next Meet
Next week we'll host St. Bonaventure at DVC and we'll start at 8:30am. (We intended to do
so yesterday but unfortunately a lot of the SI/SJA families did not get the word. We compromised
and started about 8:50am.)

Results from yesterday's meet are already posted on the Schedule page of the web site
They will be uploaded to when I get a chance. I am hopeful we'll start handing
out "Personal Best" ribbons this week to athletes who improve in an event over the course
of this season. And of course we'll have StarBurst awards on Tuesday and regular ribbons
on Thursday as usual.

Lost & Found
The Lost & Found page has been updated with the haul from yesterday's meet. Please
check to see if you recognize anything. I can bring lost treasures to practice if you send
me an email.

See you on (both sides of) the track,
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Carl Godkin
CTK/SC/SS Track & Field Coordinator

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