Monday, March 30, 2009

CTK Track News for the week of 30 Mar 09...

Greetings Track Families,

Thanks to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make the relay meet a success.  

Meet Results
The results are posted in the usual places.  First, complete results are always posted the day after each 
meet at .  Second, results for our team (plus some of the other

Ribbons from the relay meet will be awarded for 1st through 5th places by overall place by grade, and not
by heat as at our regular meets.  Since we had multiple heats of certain relays in some grades (especially
3rd, 5th, and 6th grade boys!), kids whose team won their race may not receive a ribbon if their team
was not among the overall five fastest in their grade.  

Also, we don't award our Personal Best ribbons for relays though we still owe lots of kids Personal Best ribbons
for Meet #2.

This Week
We'll practice twice this week as usual, and our next meet is Saturday morning as usual:
  • Practice, Tuesday, Mar. 31, 5-6:30pm, College Park HS track
  • Practice, Thursday, Apr. 2, 5-6:30pm, College Park HS track
  • Meet #3, Saturday, Apr. 4, 9:00am, Ygnacio Valley High School track
However, our next meet will be at 9am (not 8:30am!) at Ygnacio Valley High School in Concord,
and not at DVC.  If you go to DVC, you'll find a CYO track meet, but you won't find our team!

Athletes and first shift volunteers should plan on arriving at Ygnacio Valley HS by 8:30am and the
setup crew should arrive at 8am.

No Dogs
I am told there was a dog or two on the field Saturday at DVC.  It almost goes without saying that
dog waste on these fancy artificial turf fields is a terrible idea.  Please ask anyone with a dog you see 
on the track from now on to take their four legged friends outside the fence.

Calling All Volunteers!
We are reaching the part of the season where a lot of our most experienced volunteers have almost
worked their quota which means that I get to remind you of our end-of-season drawing for the extra 
helpful.  Yes, it's back.

For the past few years we've tried to reward our extra-helpful volunteers who work more than the 
minimum number of shifts at our meets by having a drawing at the picnic for gift certificates to a
local restaurant.  For each shift you work above the five required, we give you a "ticket" for the drawing
which is held at the picnic.  So the more shifts you work, the greater your chances.

Trish Brown, our volunteer coordinator, tells me that she could use some extra help for the second
shift this coming Saturday.  If you are available, please send her an email (
and let her know. If you check the web site Volunteers page, you can even request specific open 
jobs when you write to Trish.

By the way, at least a couple of people checked in on Saturday for the second shift but then
left immediately, saying they couldn't stay. If you have to leave, you have to leave, but it doesn't 
count as a shift worked unless you check in AND actually work! (I know: we're cruel.)

To further butter you up, we get lots of positive feedback from the other parishes who really
like the way we run meets. As you know, we put a lot of work into making the meets run
smoothly so it's nice that the other teams notice.

Finally, as the weather gets warmer you'll want to bring sunscreen and/or a hat and some
water for yourself to the meets. We can't have you collapsing over your rake in the long jump

Easter Break Coming
As is our custom, we'll take a break over Easter. There will be no practice on Thursday, April
9 or Tuesday, April 14, and no meet on April 11. (So this week will be a regular week followed
by two single-practice weeks.)

Sorry for the longer email this week, but we gotta have those volunteers!

See you on the track,


Carl Godkin
CTK/St.C/St.S Track & Field Coordinator

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