Monday, March 3, 2008

Track workouts for the week of Mar 3...

Hi Coaches,

The workout plan for this week is on the web site and I'll have hard copies for the primary coaches at practice Tuesday. I also have a bunch more stuff for each of the primary groups concerning the meet.

I have a few more quick things for you regarding practices and next weekend's Mini Meet.

Limit Athletes At Popular Field Event Workouts
If you read the workout plans, it says that 12 athletes per practice can go to HJ or SP. Do your best to only send athletes from your groups to these events when its their day. Event coaches should not be afraid to shoo away extra athletes. Please get me involved if there is a problem and I'll help arbitrate if necessary.

Long Jump is also supposed to be limited to 12 kids per pit.

Sign Up Athletes for their Mini Meet Events
Use any down time while waiting for practice to begin or after the cool down lap to get athlete's signed up for this weekend. I've tried to make the meet entry sheets simpler than they used to be. It's very useful to know if an athlete is going to miss the meet so circle "Absent" on the sheet and help your relay team planning that way.

Each athlete can do no more than 2 running and 1 field event, or 1 running and 2 field events. Relays don't count in this as we expect everyone to do the 4x100m race if they are at the meet. Late relays are entirely optional and we may not even get to them this Saturday.

This is an AFTERNOON meet; let's make sure everyone is aware of that!

St. Ignatius Is Coming!

Well, not the actual saint, but I invited the St. Ignatius team to our Mini Meet again this year. It will make it a more realistic meet with another parish present and besides, Wendell, their coordinator, is a heckuva nice guy. Let's make them welcome.

Keep Off the Soccer Field
Let's continue to remind the kids to keep off the soccer field, which is surrounded at College Park by yellow lines. (There won't be any soccer going on this Saturday during our meet; I checked.)

See you on the track,


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