Saturday, March 22, 2008

CTK Track News for week of 17 Mar 08...

Happy St. Patrick's Day,

Scientific studies reveal that more people read last week's email than ever before since it was so short. I imagine there's a message there for me; let's see what happens this week.

I don't think I'm going out on a limb to say that parents from our team found many different ways to reach Freedom High School yesterday. If you had not noticed, there are directions on the web site to all of our venues. Heritage High School is the site of our next meet and it's in the same area. Do yourselves a favor and take the Highway 4 Bypass Road to Balfour, turn right, and go up the hill to find Heritage on the left. Your onboard GPS system may not believe you are on a road part of the time, but trust me: it's the fastest way.

We'll practice just once this week as Easter approaches. CYO rules prohibit practice on Holy Thursday through Easter and I have kept alive my predecessor's tradition of skipping the Tuesday practice after Easter as well. So the next two practices are:
  • Tuesday, March 18, from 5 - 6:15pm at College Park HS track
  • Thursday, March 27, from 5 - 6:30pm at College Park HS track. Note later ending time!
Meet #2
Our next meet is at the end of most school's spring break:
  • Saturday, March 29, at 9am at Heritage HS track
Please check your calendars to see if your family is going to be on vacation that day and let your runner's primary coach know so he or she doesn't expect him or her for the relay when you're on a beach in Maui. Please arrange to switch with someone who will be in town if you are scheduled to work.

Speaking of meet assignments, Trish and Greg Brown, our volunteer coordinators, plus your humble correspondent will be out of town over Easter and during the early part of the following week. Mails and phone calls won't be returned until we return. For that reason, please look ahead and make volunteer assignment changes early.

By the way, thanks for all of the help at yesterday's meet. Many of you worked extra shifts and extra hard to make our meet go smoothly. Those of you who stayed clear to the end saw how we typically end our meets: we have a heat or two of the 4x400m relay which always seems like a party to me for those runners who stick around. Yesterday we used all 8 lanes.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found page on the web site is now open for business has some real treasures. Please check it out.


Results for Saturday's meet will be posted when I get them. I expect it will be Monday evening since there was a Sunday meet today.
Ribbons for Saturday's meet will be handed out on Thursday, March 27 in all likelihood. Yes, we'll be tracking personal bests this season but it always takes me a little while to get that engine going. I have some skilled helpers, but it runs on data I have not collated quite yet. But we'll have yellow Personal Best ribbons as in the past.

Happy Easter to all! But first, I'll see you on the track Tuesday,


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