Sunday, February 17, 2008

Track Workouts for the week of Feb 18

Hi Coaches,

I've just posted the week's workouts under "Workouts" on the team web site.

Generally, we're now going to follow a pattern from now through the Qualifying Meet:
  • Each age group will practice relays every third practice. All kids participate.
  • HJ & SP will see 5th graders every third practice, and 6th-8th graders on the other days..
  • LJ will see each age group every third practice. There are two pits, so more kids can do long jump than other field events at practice.
  • Distance and two kinds of sprint workouts will generally be available on non-relay days.
Here are some guidelines, especially for field events:
  • Please don't send the exact same kids to the same events every time. We have (for better or worse) a very large team and we want everyone to get a chance to try any of the field events that interest them. It's a buffet!
  • Start figuring out who will do which field event workout while we're waiting in the bleachers since I don't want to spend a lot of time "transitioning," especially with daylight at a premium. You might find it encourages kids to come to practice on time.
  • Assistant coaches, please help the primary coaches with both of the above.
Road runs can start whenever Coach Paul feels it's time, which may be Tuesday. All assistant coaches who signed up for road runs are highly encouraged to be ready to go on Tuesday and from now on. We'll have just the oldest kids go on road runs Tuesday, so losing kids and kids lagging behind should be less of a problem than when we have the younger kids go.

Coach Jeff (and not me, after a lot of years!!) will be leading most of the sprint workouts. He's going to be leading technique-related workouts that emphasize starting stance, explosive starts, reaction time, sprinting body mechanics and conditioning (repeat workouts of 180-200m and 75m-100m distances). His workout will generally start at the first relay exchange (hey -- now we're talking like track people!) and he will need some assistance.

Coach Sharon has traditionally lead the middle-distance workouts and will continue to do so. Sharon -- I'm generally going to give you two lanes in the middle of the track (starting Thursday) and not provide a specific workout.

I am going to wander around the track, helping or filling in where I can. This Tuesday there are 92 4th and 5th graders doing a relay workout so I'll probably stick an oar in there, perhaps taking some of the rookies onto the field to work on handoffs while Diane takes the veterans on the track.

As usual, if you have suggestions, I am all ears. As I told the parent meeting, my main goal is to have the kids have enough fun that they come back next season and perhaps carry their enjoyment into high school.

See you on the track,


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