Saturday, February 23, 2008

CTK Track News for week of 25 Feb 08

Greetings Track Families,

We've had three week of practice now and there are 239 kids currently signed up which might be a record. With so many kids, it's taking the coaches a little longer than usual to learn all of the names. I hope that I haven't wounded any athletes yet by calling them the wrong name.

Two Practices This Week
We'll have two practices this week as usual:
  • Tuesday, Feb 26, from 5-6pm at College Park HS
  • Thursday, Feb 28, from 5-6pm at College Park HS
I have to be out of town this week on business so no one will be making dubious weather forecasts before each practice and updating the web site. Generally, if it's raining hard, we will not practice. If there are only "light scattered showers," then there will be practice if the coaches judge it safe.

Soccer Players on the Field

Last Thursday I found out that College Park has double-booked the soccer field with Heritage Soccer Club. Our field permit is for both the track and the field so I was surprised. However, the club also has a permit so I guess we'll have to share. The club will warn its coaches that large numbers of kids will be using the track and ask them to be careful around the edges. Should safety start to be a real problem, we will deal with it somehow.

In the mean time, our own athletes need to keep their eyes open and not walk across the soccer part of the field during practice. I know there are lots of Heritage (and other soccer organization) players on our team so maybe our kids will find it entertaining while waiting (say) for their relay team's turn.

Meet Volunteer Jobs Posted

The meet jobs for the Mini Meet, 4 regular meets, the Relay Meet, and our Qualifying Meet are now posted on the web site under Volunteers. These mostly reflect those parents who signed up for jobs at the two sign-up nights. There are still plenty of openings left for all of the meets, especially the Mini-Meet on the afternoon of March 8.

The spreadsheets you see posted are Google documents that are reposted almost immediately after one of us makes an edit so you can always check back to see the latest openings.

Help Wanted

If you signed up late for the team, please examine the openings (especially for the Mini Meet) and send an email to our Volunteer Coordinators, Greg and Trish Brown, at, specifying your preferences and they will try to fit you in. If you do not contact them, Greg, Trish or one of their assistants will eventually assign you jobs.

Remember that the point of the Officiating Clinic on Tuesday, March 4th, and the whole team Mini Meet is for new parent volunteers to learn how to efficiently run a meet. So even if you don't know how to be a relay judge, go ahead and sign up for something. Only a few of the jobs require much experience, and we'll show you what to do.

There are blacked out spaces on the spreadsheets reserved for other parishes in all of the meets except our team-only Mini Meet. So don't ask for a blacked out job!

Leaving the Team?

If your child and track have turned out not to be a good match, please let me know and do not disappear. This is for two reasons First, I want to give you your money back, or at least as most of it. Second, we want to remove you from your volunteer jobs so that we can replace you. The former is good for you; the latter is essential for the team!

Have fun this week,


Carl Godkin
CTK/St.C/St.S Track & Field Coordinator

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