Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome to CTK Track 2008

Welcome to the 2008 CYO Track & Field Season!

This being the 21st century, I'm going to publish the weekly (at least) team newsletter as a blog this season and see how it goes. This means that previous postings will be archived so you don't need to save them yourself (as I know you all do) and even that I can go back and fix mistakes. More than once since I started coordinating the track program have wished I could retract an email already sent out.

I've entered the kids signed up so far and those who I am certain are still to sign up and we have 186 athletes already, divided roughly between girls and boys and pretty evenly spread through the grades. (We are actually rather short of 2nd and 3rd grade boys, which also happened last season, so please spread the word!)

Meanwhile, here are some important tidbits:
  • I will make the team roster available shortly just to team families, and post more news about our team at least weekly during the season.
  • Our first practice will be Tuesday, February 5, at 5pm at College Park High School track
  • We will accept late sign-ups at practice through February 21.
Rain Info
  • We will practice in light rain, but cancel practice for a real rainstorm, especially if there is any danger of lightning. Rain earlier in the day won't affect our practices because College Park has an all-weather track.
  • Check the front page of the team web site ( for a decision about rain cancellations if the weather is bad.

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