Monday, January 28, 2008

Welcome 2008 Track Coaches

Hi Coaches,

Thank you very much for volunteering to coach track this season.

Our first practice will take place one week from tomorrow, at 5pm on Tuesday,
February 5, at College Park High School track.

I will fill you in on our little ways over the next week so that all of the new folks
have some idea what to expect over the coming season. Retired head coach
Chris Walsh designed our practices over the past three years and I'm open
to suggestions on improving what we've done in the past. More on that later.

But first, there are three preliminaries to take care of first. Please read
the following carefully:

Besides the actual practices, every organization has its share of requirements
when working with kids and the Oakland Diocese is no exception.

1. Every coach is required to complete an online program called Shield the Vulnerable.

The Diocese of Oakland requires that all NEW volunteers complete safe environment training. To take the course on line:
  • Log on to
  • Select "Oakland Diocese"
  • Fill in registration form and indicate "CYO."
  • Complete registration and begin course.
  • Complete the training and print out the certificate.
  • Bring the certificate to the workshop (see next item)
2. There is a mandatory CYO Philosophy meeting for all of the coaches in the league coming up on Thursday, March 13th. There is a flyer describing the meeting here:
As usual, the meeting will take place at CTK though in the Parish Hall this
year. Note that this meeting is mandatory, though you may attend another section's meeting instead.

By attending this meeting, you will become a "certified coach" which is theoretically required for all of our coaches. During the season, only coaches wearing the certified coaches badge will be allowed on the track at meets. Please mark your calendar and attend hustle over to CTK right after our practice on March 13th.

3. All coaches must turn in a completed Volunteer Application. I handed out the form
during sign-ups, but it's also available for download from the team web site (on the Handouts page).

Thanks again for your help!


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