Sunday, February 26, 2017

News for the Week of February 26th

Practices this week will be 5:00 pm to about 6:10 pm.

I have updated the meet schedule on the website to include locations and start times.

We got our meet assignments from the league and will be posting positions on Signup Genius soon. We still have 3 weeks until our first meet that needs parent staffing, so no need to panic. On the other hand, I'm sorry to say I underestimated the number of volunteer hours we would be assigned and we won't make it without boosting the family commitments a little. Therefore we are requesting that each family help out as follows: Assuming that working a full meet counts as 2 "shifts", we need a family with one athlete to work 5 shifts; a family with 2 athletes to work 6 shifts, and a family with 3 or more athletes to work  7 shifts. I apologize for the bait and switch, it was not intentional.

Meet Coordinator Needed
We have been assigned to host 2 of our 4 regular season meets, because we have one of the larger teams. I really need someone to take on this role so that I can concentrate on coaching. If you're willing to do both meets, that would be worth 7 shifts and satisfy your commitment for the year! I can of course get you the information and support you need to do the job. Please let me know if you'd be willing.

More about the upcoming Warpath Invitational meet in next week's post.

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