Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Track news for early February

Practices continue Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:00 until dusk (~5:50).

Weather Watch

If the forecast calls for rain, I will post any cancellation of practice by 4:00pm on the team Twitter account (@ctktrack). Those tweets appear on the front page of our web site, too. If there is no tweet, practice is on!

Sharing at College Park

Although we have permits for practice, the stadium belongs to College Park, and we sometimes need to wait patiently for high school games to complete, or will practice at the same time as other teams. College Park track team will be starting up soon, too, which include some CYO alums.

New Family Meeting

If there is enough interest, we will schedule a family information meeting at Christ the King in Pleasant Hill. This would be a brief presentation of things to know about how the season works, how meets work, and how the various meet jobs work. Please email if you'd like to come to such a meeting.

Late Signups Still Accepted

We're still taking signups at practice and we're still collecting missing birth certificates, concussion forms, payments, and deposits. If you haven't received an email reminder, then you probably don't owe anything.

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